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16th-Aug-2009 08:17 pm - [mod post] full tags-list
angels can't save you now
Welcome to hoodie_time! We're a repository for Dean hurt/comfort fanworks of all stripes and colors, and a community of the folks who love (to hurt and comfort) Dean Winchester.

All works posted here are tagged by trope for easy location. The full tags list can be found by clicking the cut below. Happy trails!

If a link doesn't go anywhere, it means no one has yet created any works to celebrate the tag. (hinthint, :P)

21st-Sep-2014 12:25 pm - Trampled Under Foot 1/6
Title: Trampled Under Foot
Rating: PG-13 for language and some violence
Word Count: ~17,000 total
Characters: Dean,Sam, Bobby. Gen.
Summary: written for this prompt: Dean is kidnapped (by a monster, or human, whatever) *favourite thing one*, hurt (bonus points for non-con) and then dumped out in the snow. Sam (bonus points for Cas too) finds him but not before hypothermia starts to set in. Cue protective!Sammy *favourite thing two* wrapping Dean up with added bed-sharing *favourite thing three*.

Extra bonus points for confused!panicky!Dean waking up not knowing where he is after the rescue.

A/N: Sorry this took forever! It ended up inspiring my work for a Big Bang over at the Beta Branch. It also filled my wild card spot for h/c bingo. Art is by the lovely finaljoy!
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Title: Who's The Real Monster? Season 10 Extended Promo
Vidder: justmep2
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley
Genre: Angst
Music: Ólafur Arnalds - Suspect
Length: 1.40m
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 10!
Summary: Who's the real monster? Fan made promo for season 10.

Vid this way >>
15th-Sep-2014 01:29 pm - Fic: All The Empty Spaces
Title: All the Empty Spaces
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean, Sam, John
Genre: Gen
Warnings: eating disorders, language
Summary: A sequel to Rules for Hunting, "a future companion piece where the urge comes back or something, but this time Sam is the one that's there, and he doesn't remember Dean ever having this problem before."
Title: For Every Sacrifice
Rating: PG for...hell, I guess?
Word Count: ~575
Characters: Dean, Alastair, gen.
Summary: Written for the hoodie_time prompt: Dean's first time on the job as torturer, if you please. I think maybe just as he's about ready to get to work he realizes that he's still being tortured himself - just his heart, soul, and everything that makes him Dean instead of his hell worn flesh. Obviously, he cuts anyway. I bet it's always that first cut that he remembers later in bad dreams.

At my journal here

Hope it satisfies!
13th-Sep-2014 01:07 am - Lonely Prompt Fill: Rules for Hunting
Title: Rules for Hunting
Rating: PG for language, eating disorders
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, mention of Bobby. Gen
Word Count: ~2600
Summary: Written for the prompt at hoodie_time: Dean had bulimia. "Had" being rather loosely defined- the main thing is that Dean's not binge eating or throwing up anymore and in traditional Winchester fashion the issue's been swept under the carpet. Except that John's been gone on a hunt longer than expected and the food supply is running low. Dean's been sneakily giving most of it to Sam and is starving hungry and worried about where John is. Eventually John gets back on halloween, with food, and Dean manages to choke down some dinner like a normal person. But John's also brought back some candy for trick or treaters- exactly the sort of thing Dean used as binge food. John can't work out why Dean's so jittery, until he realises that with his blood sugar all messed up and the worry Dean's worried about relapsing.

At my journal here

Hope it satisfies!
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Title: Kintsukuroi
Author: behindblue_eyes (snarklyboojum @ tumblr & AO3)
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Genre/pairing: Dean centric with eventual Dean/Cas
Rating: PG-13
Word-count: 20,151
Spoilers: Takes place immediately after s9 with no spoilers for s10
Warnings: violence, non-graphic het sex, demon!dean, lots of cussing
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I am just obsessed with them.

Summary: (noun) "to repair with gold"; the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken

Read on at AO3
12th-Sep-2014 10:09 pm - Catch me when i fall 29
Title: Catch me when I fall 29/?
Rating: T
Genre: Gen
Summary: S2. Dean has barely been eating since their dad died 5 months ago, which leads to him passing out after a hunt. Sam and Bobby finally realise how much he has been struggling since John's death, and try to help him. Sick!Dean. Worried/Protective!Sam/Bobby.

CH 29
winchester hugs
Hi, everyone! I wanted to invite you to the commentfic meme I've recently started, located at my journal here.

The theme is "starting over", and they're all Supernatural prompts. Most have h/c in them, because that makes everything better, and there a couple of great Dean fills so far. But we have lots of unfilled prompts left (and hopefully lots of other prompts that have yet to be prompted). So come join the fun! :)
6th-Sep-2014 01:14 am - Fic : The Kids Are Alright (Gen)
sam bitch mode
Title: The Kids Are Alright
Genre: Angst, Drama, some Hurt/Comfort
Characters: OC narrator, Dean, hints of John and Sam
Word count: Approximately 4,600
Summary: Oneshot. Wee!chesters. Outsider POV. How can life be so cruel to human beings as fragile as kids? It doesn’t happen often, but I know them when I see them. I hadn’t seen one in a while until this Dean Winchesterhad been moved to my class.

In my many years of work, I’d seen all kinds of children. I was surprised at first when this Dean Winchester was moved to my class, because it was the middle of the year. I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to him...
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