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16th-Aug-2009 08:17 pm - [sticky post] [mod post] full tags-list
angels can't save you now
Welcome to hoodie_time! We're a repository for Dean hurt/comfort fanworks of all stripes and colors, and a community of the folks who love (to hurt and comfort) Dean Winchester.

All works posted here are tagged by trope for easy location. The full tags list can be found by clicking the cut below. Happy trails!

If a link doesn't go anywhere, it means no one has yet created any works to celebrate the tag. (hinthint, :P)

23rd-May-2015 03:03 pm - Dean's trip to the zoo 2/2
Title: Dean's trip to the zoo
Characters: Dean and Castiel
Genre: Gen
Summary: Dean & his bestest friend 'Cashtul' have a fun day at the zoo. De-aged!Dean, Protective!Castiel.


22nd-May-2015 04:23 pm - Uncle Bobby's little man
Title: Uncle Bobby's little man
Dean Sam and Bobby
Pairings: Gen

Summary: Sequel to Dean's unca Bee-bee. Sam & Bobby give Dean the best childhood they can in a year. De-aged!Dean.


Hi, all! I've got a new fic for you today that I hope you'll enjoy. I warn you, though, this one is VERY sad.

Fly Up to the Moon and Say Hello
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Sam
Pairings: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "It was supposed to be a simple hunt – a quick salt and burn, in, out, done, and gone. But, like anything that involved the Winchesters, they should have known that the things that seemed simple were always the most dangerous." Post-S10 series finale speculation fic. *No Wincest*
Genre: Tragedy
Warnings: Major Character Death
Word Count: 2285
6th-May-2015 03:19 pm - My Empire Of Dirt
Title: My Empire Of Dirt
Author: q_dicted
Characters: Dean, Sam, Joshua
Genre/pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13 (Some swearing)
Word-count: 5390
Spoilers: Spoilers for all seasons. Liberal use of dialogue from 1.22, 2.22 and 10.14
Warnings: [Only if you must]Major character death - but as Sam says, in our world, death doesn't always mean goodbye.
Summary: Cain's prophecy is inevitable. What would Dean give to change things?
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: My first foray into Supernatural fanfic and it's a dark ride. I hope you'll forgive me :) Cross-posted to AO3.

And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

         ~ Hurt, ©T.Reznor.
My Empire Of DirtCollapse )
21st-Apr-2015 02:21 am - Fic: Quarter Rest (Gen, PG)
Title: Quarter Rest
Author: pineapplefan92
Characters: Dean, Sam
Rating: PG
Word count: 4,694
Summary: Consumed by guilt and sadness over the loss of John, Dean winds up ill. Sam just wants him to rest. Tag to Episode 2x04. One-Shot.

Read it on:
: LJ | | AO3
TITLE: Au Revoir Les Enfants
WORDS: appx 2300
SPOILERS: None (season 9 if you're good at reading between the lines)
CHAR: Dean, John, and a couple of OCs.
A/N: For a prompt at tarotgal's sneezekink meme : Teenchesters. Dean comes down with a terrible cold and a really high fever. John feels bad for pushing him too hard and tries to do what he can to make Dean feel better. Of course, I had to go and angst it up.

(Rania's daughter has coffee ready in the kitchen. Small clay mugs with geometric patterns painted in gold and silver. She points to the stack of newspapers on the little dinged-up table and hands John his drink, dark and spicy-sweet. Like there's no other way to do it.)
19th-Apr-2015 04:43 pm - Book of Life
Title: Book of Life
Author: adrenalineshots
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Genre: Episode tag, Gen
Rating: R
Warnings: Language and suicidal intentions.
Spoilers: Episode 18 and previous ones
Word count:
around 4500. Complete.
Summary: Set shortly after the episode ‘Book of the Damned’. Sam and Dean discover something that they really wish they hadn’t.

Book of Life
18th-Apr-2015 06:21 pm - Fic: Sand Between Our Toes
sam & dean
Title: Sand Between Our Toes
Author: frozen_delight
Characters: Dean, Sam (can be read as gen or pre-slash)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Show-level angst and weirdness, plus some not entirely superfluous references to Spanish classics.
Spoilers: Up to and including 10x18 “Book of the Damned".
Word count: ~ 1700
Summary: Sam and Dean, at the beach.

Read on: LJ | AO3 |
16th-Apr-2015 11:43 am - advertisement: comment meme
 photo 2015commentmeme_zpsubd3r6qo.png

Thought this might appeal to some fellow sick!Dean fans. There are lots of SPN prompts!
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