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Mini Challenge: Sick!Dean fic & art Week

Sick!Dean fic/art Week!
(November 18th – 25th)

[play] [prompt]

Banner courtesy of annartism. Please leave feedback for the artist in the comments to this post.


annartism, everyone! /standing ovation Seriously, thank-you soooo much for making this possible with your lovely art. (You can leave annartism feedback for her art/banner in the comments to this post.)

Fyi, we’re going to be having a Wish List in early December (more details to come) and we wanted to fit something both fun and with a short turn-around in before then. So, that’s what this is! It’s a week-long, themed mini challenge. These mini challenges are super-low key, and accept both fic and art. The theme for this one is sick!Dean fic or art. The sick!Dean tags are among the most popular h/c-y tags here, and sick!, hoodie-wearing! Dean in “Faith” is where this comm gets it’s name, so why not highlight that? ♥

You will have this week, starting now, to get a head start on your creations, and the actual posting period will be next week, anytime from November 18th up to and including November 25th.

We always welcome and encourage you to help us advertise comm events, btw. Your LJ, tumblr (ETA: you can reblog it on tumblr from here), all the places! \o/

The basics:

Like it says above, this is a sick!Dean fic and art challenge, and you will have this week, starting now, to get a head start on your fic or art creations. The actual posting period will be next week, anytime from November 18h up to and including November 25th.

What does sick!Dean entail?

This one is pretty self-explanatory. ;)

When we came up with this idea we were thinking of physical illnesses - “fever” is one of our most-used, if not our most-used h/c tag at this comm, though we decided to use the phrase “sick!Dean” to make things more inclusive than just fevers. Fevers, supernatural illnesses, etc. – we want it all. The possibilities are endless. Be creative and have fun!


  • This is a Dean-centric hurt/comfort community, and entries for this challenge should focus on sick! Dean. They can also include any other types of Dean hurt! you’d like.
  • Gen, as well as all pairings are accepted.
  • Fic and art are both accepted and loved. Fics should be at least 500 words; no maximum word count. There are no size guidelines for art.
  • All works should be complete when posted. No WIPS, sorry. Stories should be posted to the community all at once (with links to all chapters included) and all other types of fanworks should be complete as well.
  • Please only submit works that have not been published before.
  • Multiple entries per person are accepted and loved!

    Posting period:

    You will have two entire weeks from now on to write/create something for this challenge, but the posting period is the second week only, from November 18th up to and including November 25th, in keeping with the week-long aspect of these types of challenges. As long as it's still the 25th somewhere in the world when you post your submission to the comm you're golden; we're not picky about that.

    How to post:

    Our regular posting guidelines/headers apply here. As well, please use the .mini challenge (sick!Dean fic/art week) tag when posting. At the end of the posting period a mod/mods will put together a masterlist of all the entries for this challenge. \o/

    I’m done my challenge entry now. Why can’t I post before the posting period begins?

    The idea behind this challenge is to have an influx of themed fanworks to the community for a limited amount of time. Just for fun; that’s all! ;) It also gives the participants who need it an extra week before they have to be concerned with posting. If you accidentally post early, we ask that you delete, and post again during the posting period. Only fanworks posted during the posting period will be included in the challenge masterlist.

    Late entries:

    There will be no extensions for the mini challenges, but if you finish one late we’d still looove to see it. ♥ You can post it late using .amnesty and the .mini challenge (sick!Dean fic/art week) tags if you’d like so people interested in the challenge can find it; it just won’t be part of the masterlist.

    What if I’d like to participate and don’t have an LJ?

    Please do! <333 As this kind of challenge originated with tumblr, we figure we might get some art from outside of LJ. If that’s the case, either send a PM to hoodietime that includes a link to your image on tumblr/wherever, or send an e-mail to hoodietime [at] gmail [dot] com or PM hoodietime with your art as an attachment between November 18th and the 25th. We will gladly post them for you. Please use the subject line ‘Mini Challenge’ when doing so, and include the following details that apply:


    You can include a thumbnail or small preview for your art as well, if you’d like.

    It is not necessary to join the community in these cases. Watching it will let you keep up with things fine!

    Need some inspiration?

    There’s a brainstorming post where you can talk about the type of things you’d like to see that fit this these/leave prompts. You can TOTALLY use your own ideas; this is just optional for anyone who likes to work with a more specific prompt.

    Oh, and feel free to comment to this post with any questions or comments you may have about the challenge. ;)

    ETA: The masterlist for this challenge is now up HERE.

    ➽ This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
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