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Fic: Dean & Cats: Through The Years (Part 1)

Title: Dean & Cats: Through the Years (Part 1)
Author: Smmmm
Characters: Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester
Genre: Gen
Warnings: None
Summary: This is the first in a series of fics involving Dean’s cat allergy throughout his life. First up: when his mother first discovered his allergy.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or anything else that belongs to the CW & Kripke.
A/N: This is my first fanfic, but I’ve loved Supernatural for years. I’m mostly writing these for writing practice & to get feedback (positive or constructive), so if you have any, please leave a comment!

Sneak Peek:

A trip to the pet shop is just what we need, Mary thought as she tightened her grip on her little boy’s hand. Dean was four years old now, and had an independent streak going strong. He jumped in & over puddles, dodging back & forth as his mother tried not to lose her hold on his little fingers. This was made more difficult by the fact that Mary was over 8 months pregnant & had enough difficulty getting around herself. Dean was oblivious to this, though, and kept tugging his mother faster, faster, into the store.

Once inside, Dean’s eyes widened in awe as his head swiveled around, trying to take in all the sights, sounds, & smells all at once. Mary’s stifled a chuckle as she watched her little boy’s amazement. He almost looked overwhelmed— frozen to the spot, so Mary gently tugged his hand as she started walking through the store.

“C’mon, baby. I’ve gotta show you something.” Dean broke out of his trance and hurried forward so he was once again a few steps ahead of his mother.

“What is it?” Dean asked as his gaze roamed the aisles on either side of him.

“It’s a surprise,” his mother replied with a mischievous grin. Her smile faltered for a second as she remembered why exactly they needed cheering up in the first place...

Yuan Xing Liang
  • jdl71

It's Not What You Thought It Was

Written for the 2020 Gencest Challenge

Title: It's Not What You Thought It Was

Author: jdl71

Warnings: Head Injury, Hurt Dean, Sick Dean, Confused Sam, Angst, Alcohol, Mistaken Identity, Car Accident

Summary: After hitting his head in a car accident, Dean regains consciousness with Sam next to him in the driver's seat of the Impala. Aside from hitting his head, he's fine, except to him, he and Sam aren’t brothers. He thinks Sam is his husband.


Read the story here with art: AO3

See the art here:

morning rain (SPN, sick!dean, food poisoning, emeto h/c, nausea/vomiting, caretaker!sam, gen, s1)

Dean, Sam. Gen, season 1 thereabouts. Rated T for swearing and sickness. Word count: 1407, oneshot. 

Summary: On the road from Omaha to St. Louis, a pit stop in Hiawatha proves disastrous, and Sam sighs wearily as they sit in a grimy motel room in the middle of nowhere during a rainstorm, listening as Dean pukes his guts out in the bathroom. Back rubbing, hurt/comfort, face sponging, the good stuff!

Winchester Family fic rec

So, for awhile now I have had this idea for a fic where dean was raised by John, and Sam by Mary. Dean is mentally handicapped or acts young in some way (maybe because of a disability he acts younger like between 5 and 10) but John still taught and raised him like a hunter. Mary also raised Sam as a hunter. For some reason Mary and Sam have to track down John and Dean (maybe a demon is after Dean or they just need Johns help with a complicated hunt). They all meet again Sam and Dean for the first time. Mary is surprised that dean is able to be a hunter (though I still imagine him getting help form John and John being protective of him). John and Mary fight, but John is happy to meet Sam. Sam and Dean get closer with Sam learning how to take care of Dean and Dean having fun with Sammy. Mary is against Dean being a hunter either because she worries ore because she looks down on Dean. I imagine that Bobby and Samuel are around and part of the team (Bobby with Dean and John and Samuel with Mary and Sam). I imagine Dean being very adorable and affectionate but sometimes being difficult and throwing tantrums.

I would really love it if someone could make my idea come to life! I love coming up with the ideas but don't have the time or skills to execute the. Thank!

footlong (SPN, sick!Dean, emeto, H/C, 4x08 "wishful thinking")

 Title: Footlong

Characters: Dean, Sam

Genre/pairing: Gen, hurt/comfort, emeto

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: ~800

Summary: Missing/expanded scene from 4x08, "Wishful Thinking". Dean isn't doing so hot after eating that magical Italian footlong sub with jalapeno. Sam becomes concerned, follows him, and decides to offer a little TLC.

Disclaimer: Originally posted here, filled for a Tumblr prompt. Also on AO3.

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Uncle Bobby's little man CH99

Title: Uncle Bobby's little man
Genre: Gen
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby.
Summary: Sequel to Dean's unca Bee-bee. Sam & Bobby give Dean the best childhood they can in a year. De-aged!Dean.

Yuan Xing Liang
  • jdl71

Too Close For Comfort

Title: Too Close For Comfort
Author: jdl71
Written for: jj1564
When real life sucks, sometimes you need a little something to take your mind off of it. Hope this puts a smile on your face.
Pairings: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester
Warning: Hurt/Comfort. Hurt Dean, Caring Sam, Wincest
Word Count: 606

Summary: Dean gets hurt and Sam is there to care for him.