loulouzero19 wrote in hoodie_time

Winchester Family fic rec

So, for awhile now I have had this idea for a fic where dean was raised by John, and Sam by Mary. Dean is mentally handicapped or acts young in some way (maybe because of a disability he acts younger like between 5 and 10) but John still taught and raised him like a hunter. Mary also raised Sam as a hunter. For some reason Mary and Sam have to track down John and Dean (maybe a demon is after Dean or they just need Johns help with a complicated hunt). They all meet again Sam and Dean for the first time. Mary is surprised that dean is able to be a hunter (though I still imagine him getting help form John and John being protective of him). John and Mary fight, but John is happy to meet Sam. Sam and Dean get closer with Sam learning how to take care of Dean and Dean having fun with Sammy. Mary is against Dean being a hunter either because she worries ore because she looks down on Dean. I imagine that Bobby and Samuel are around and part of the team (Bobby with Dean and John and Samuel with Mary and Sam). I imagine Dean being very adorable and affectionate but sometimes being difficult and throwing tantrums.

I would really love it if someone could make my idea come to life! I love coming up with the ideas but don't have the time or skills to execute the. Thank!


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