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[admin/mod post] links of interest for writers

If there's anything you think should be added to this list, just let me know in the comments to this post and I'll add it for you. ;)

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Links of Interest for Writers

Medical and psychiatric resources
“Supernatural” and related resources
General writing resources
Livejournal/posting resources
Looking for a plot bunny?
Looking for a beta?

Medical and psychiatric resources:

  • CDC A-Z Index

  • Drugs: Information, Interactions, and Side Effects

  • Encyclopedia of Psychology

  • The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology

  • Maybe your character needs psychotherapy and you're wondering what goes on behind the closed doors of the therapist's office. Maybe you need to know how to make the psychologist in your fiction sound like a real shrink. Or maybe you're just looking for the psychology behind a really great villain, or wish you could ask a real clinician your psychology questions. You're in the right place!

  • little_details

  • An LJ community that helps writers with their research and fact-checking.

    Note: Check out the medical and psychology/psychiatry tags; there's tons of helpful info there.

  • Mayo Clinic

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Information Page (from the Defence Centers of Excellence) NEW!

  • Info on TBIs/concussions/etc., as well as psychological health.

  • A User's Guide to PTSD by rachelmanija

  • A three-part essay on post-traumatic stress disorder: understanding it, having it, writing it.

  • Web MD

  • whumpers_guide

  • Medical/injury research for the purpose of writing fiction.

    “Supernatural” and related resources:

    The show:

  • research_spn

  • This is a community where we can all pool our vast amounts of useless knowledge about Supernatural! Whether you need those few important details for that fic you’re writing or you need to settle a bet with a friend, this is the place to ask.

  • spnroundtable

  • A fannish haven for lovers of the show Supernatural, to talk to authors, artists and vidders, find and share good recs, and chat about fannish/meta/writing themes.

    Note: This comm has some fantastic writing workshops.

  • spnwriterlounge

  • An LJ community for writers who write in the Supernatural fandom.

  • Supernatural Wiki

  • A Supernatural Canon and Fandom Resource


  • Angelology

  • Angelology is the study of Angels.

  • Encyclopedia Mythica

  • The award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion.

  • Monstropedia

  • Monstropedia is the ultimate online encyclopedia of monsters in myth, magick and legend.

    General writing resources:

  • Guide to grammar and writing

  • Historical Resources for Fanfic Writers

  • This page is intended to provide fanfic writers with reference sources for historical information. These may range from the factual to the inspirational.

  • little_details

  • An LJ community that helps writers with their research and fact-checking.

    Note: It's listed above in the 'Medical and psychiatric resources' section, but this comm is a great resource for writers of ALL genres! I love this place.

  • Online dictionary/thesaurus

  • Livejournal/posting resources:

  • How to create a link

  • How to create an LJ-cut

  • HTML for LJ Primer

  • Header info & advice

  • Looking for a plot bunny?

  • We have lots!

  • Looking for a beta?

  • hoodie_time's find and/or become a beta reader post.

  • If you've written a Dean-focused hurt/comfort fic and are looking for a beta for it, or would like to beta that kind of fic, this is the place for you!

  • spn_betas

  • This is an LJ community created to bring together Supernatural fanfic/RPS writers and beta-readers.

    Masterlist last updated: April 20th, 2011.

    This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
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