March 13th, 2011


Night Watch

Rating: T
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Humour - bit of everything really 
Word Count: Approx 7,000
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just borrowing for fun and frolics.

It's the worst storm for a generation; what happens when a restless Winchester goes sleepwalking out in it?

Link to the story on my journal.

SPN: apple pie


TITLE: Walking With a Ghost 2/10
PAIRINGS: None, Dean-centric gen!fic. :)
SPOILERS: Through episode 6x01… after that it goes completely & totally AU.
SUMMARY: Behind him, the kid’s eyes had gone black but Dean didn’t notice. He was too busy thinking about what that cigarette would taste like sliding down his throat, chased down with a cold beer. He was too busy thinking about what the luxury of a single night of not remembering shit about the last year and a half of his life would feel like.

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Challenge 4: Writing Between the Lines / GENERAL INFO & RULES

Writing Between the Lines:
A Dean-focused h/c fic challenge


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Oh, and feel free to comment to this post with any questions or comments you may have about the challenge. ;)

Note: This isn’t the prompting post. That can be found HERE.

ETA #1: Claiming is now open HERE.

ETA #2: The masterlist for this challenge is now up HERE. Check it out!

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Challenge 4: Writing Between the Lines / PROMPT POST

This is the post where you can submit prompts for Writing Between the Lines: A Dean-focused hurt/comfort fic challenge, which is not a regular fic challenge! You can find out more about it HERE.

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If you have any questions about the fic challenge that aren't answered above, or in this post, feel free to PM me, or e-mail me at hoodietime [at] gmail [dot] com.

That's it for now. Prompt away! ;) And claiming prompts will take place from March 27th through to April 9th, so keep those dates in mind.

I’ll be putting up a numbered master-list of prompts, so you can find your fave prompts before claiming opens. Once claiming opens, only one person will be able to claim each prompt. You’ll be able to make up to 3 claims.

ETA: This post is now CLOSED for new prompts.

Thanks, everyone!
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Fic: Paging Nurse Sammy!

Title: Paging Nurse Sammy!
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Dean (No pairing) 
Rating/Genre: Pg-13 (Hurt/Comfort with Humor)
Word Count: 3,347
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and make no profit from writing this.
Summary: The Winchester brothers are out on a hunt and Dean's so sick he feels like Death ran him over and then came back for seconds. Unfortunately, hunters don't get sick days and Sam's left to patch him up.

(Paging Nurse Sammy!)

Find Your Way Back COMPLETE (10 chapters)

Title: Find Your Way Back
Author: YankeeFan87
Characters:  Dean, Sam, Jess
Genre/pairing: Gen, Sam/Jess
Rating: PG-13 for some cursing
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Don't own the boys or anything Supernatural-related
Summary: Another fanfic that I wrote for the hurt Dean comment-fic meme over on hoodie time's LJ. The prompt was for Jess to hit Dean with her car while he was in Palo Alto checking up on Sam. No spoilers, since it's pre-series, but it does go a little off-canon since in this scenario Jess meets Dean before the pilot. Hurt!Dean and Caring Sam and Jess. Title taken from the Jefferson Starship song of the same name.Much hurt/comfort and brotherly love, because who doesn't love that?

Now complete!!!! Enjoy :)