July 31st, 2013

Dr Who - Little Amy

Feathers of Jade

Title: Feathers of Jade
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Food poisoning
Word Count: 1891
Warnings: Mild language, Sam being a bit of a jerk
Summary: Dean knows Ignacia didn't mean to get him sick. He's not even sure what she cooked made him sick. Of course, he's not going to let her know how rotten he feels either. His mom's cooking is hard for anyone to copy. Especially on a first attempt. Deaf!Dean Verse

Mostly C, not a lot of H here...

the madness of a delirious Dean 5/10

Title: The madness of a delirious Dean 5/10
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Not mine, but I wouldn't mind keeping Dean.
Summary: Dean's sick & delirious which makes him completely insane and he thinks the motel room is trying to kill him, so Sam takes care of him. Sick/delirious!Dean.

"How the hell did you fall up a tree?"

Kevin Isn't Too Far Away - Act II

Title: Kevin Isn’t Too Far Away – Act II
Characters: Dean & Sam Winchester, Castiel, Kevin Tran, Crowley
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Through Season 7
Summary: Second in a 4-part series designed to replace season 8, but bring us to a place to launch season 9. Not exactly AU, but not conforming to the canon we were forced to swallow either. J Afterall, if they can ignore the previous canon they themselves wrote, why can’t we? In Episode 2, Freshly back from Purgatory, Dean and Sam must pick up where they left off. First order of business – find Kevin.

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Fic: coming home 1-8(?)

Title: coming home
Author: skiing_pelican
Characters: John, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Charlie
Genre/pairing: gen;
Rating: NC 17
Word-count: wip (currently ~12 000)
Spoilers: spoilers up to and including 8.23
Warnings: none
Summary: Season 8 coda, be aware of spoilers! Dad suddenly comes back! As if the Winchester's lifes weren't complicated enough already. Sam needs to get better, Cas needs to learn how to be human, and now they also have to deal with him. Don't get them wrong, they love their dad - but John does have this effect on people.
Disclaimer: The CW owns SPN and it's characters. I just play with them.

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free fall

[Fic Rec] Muscle Memory by anonymous (written for spn_summergen)

Hey guys! Thanks to all of you who answered our recent poll. We'll post an official update about it soon (we're working on re-tolling the tags page and tagging guidelines). In the meantime, I come offering recs. spn_summergen is one of my favorite challenges in all of fandom, and here is one of my favorite pieces from it so far. Enjoy!

Title: Muscle Memory
Author: anonymous (written for spn_summergen)
Characters: Dean, Sam, Benny
Genre: gen
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through 8x01 or so.
Warnings: Choose not to warn.
Summary: Sam and Dean hunt a mysterious spirit in an abandoned house, and Dean tries to remember what reality feels like.

Reccer's Notes: If you missed Dean in S8, here he is.

I don't think there's anything else that could possibly convey how much this fic meant to me in that respect. But if for you, that's not a Drop Everything reason to read this fic, then know that the sensory detail of this fic is aesthetically splendid, particularly in the olfactory realm. This is compounded by the way the degree and nature of these details dovetails with Dean's experience of Purgatory, the spinning dissonance as Purgatory is at once too far removed and too close at hand to grapple with.

This fic also accentuates the reasons that even though the Winchesters have killed things as high up on the food chain as Eve, the Leviathans, etc., ghosts will never be things to take lightly. (A pet pleasure of mine. :P)