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like a fever that just won't break.
tie fire around my heels, send me a-runnin' through the fields.
June 19th, 2019 
07:16 pm - Stanford Days
Yuan Xing Liang
Written for the 2019 Wincest Reverse Bang
Author: jdl71
Artist: bluefire986
Beta: yonkyu
Word Count: 20,473

Characters: Sam Winchester/Sam Wesson, Dean Winchester/Dean Smith, John Winchester, Jessica Moore, Brady - Supernatural Season 5, Original Male/Female Characters
Warning: Top Sam, Bottom Dean, Injury, Permanent Disability, Wheelchair, Hurt Dean Winchester, Wincest, Pining, Mutual Pining, Angst, Incest, Hurt/Comfort, Marriage

Summary: Sam gets a call in the middle of the night regarding Dean that forces him to confront his buried feelings for his brother, once he’s by Dean’s side. Dean had broken all contact with Sam; wanting Sam to have a chance at a ‘normal’ life. The feelings Dean thought he had locked away for Sam coming rushing back when Sam cons his way into his hospital room. Can they heal old wounds while dealing with Dean’s life changing injury and their love for each other?

Read the story here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/19225780
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