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de-aged!Dean fic and art recs (all gen)

I’m a total sucker for age regression fics! They often feature hurt/comfort and/or schmoop, two of my favourite things, and they’re adorable besides. They were always a bit of a guilty pleasure for me before this fandom, but SPN actually has tons of genuinely GREAT age regression fic. Here are some of them involving wee!Dean.

If you have any similarly themed recs, (or self-recs), please leave them in the comments to this post so that others can check them out.


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by eloise_bright
Author's notes/summary: Sam is determined to have some downtime at Christmas. Dean needs to be convinced. Set in season 1. PG-13, gen.

Reccer's notes: I remember this was one of the first fics I read in the fandom, and I was so charmed by it! Dean is physically de-aged due to a misinterpreted wish Sam made, and he and Sam have many adorable adventures!

Tags: age regression (physical), crying!Dean, curse/spell

Under A Haystack by janissa11
Author’s notes/summary: Not rated, gen.

Reccer's notes: This one has been around for awhile too, and I’ve seen it recced everywhere, but if you've missed it until now, well, you're in for a treat! This is Dean age regressed, both physically and mentally, and Sam trying to deal with that and learning things about his brother in the process. It’s touching and sweet but then there’s all this background stuff that’s going on that’s dark and foreboding, and it's just the perfect combination. It has some lovely timestamps too, so make sure you don’t miss anything!

Tags: age regression (physical and mental), crying!Dean, curse/spell

Six Going on Twenty-Six by mad_gaters
Author’s notes/summary: The truth was there were much worse curses than this. Humor, angst, crack. R for language, gen.

Reccer's notes: Dean is physically age-regressed, and tries to maintain his badassery. With super-cute results! Also, six-year-old Dean crying is my favourite ever, because I'm a mean person.

Tags: age regression (physical), crying!Dean, curse/spell

The Mouths of Children by maychorian [WIP]
Author’s notes/summary: "We still have work for you to do, Dean Winchester," Castiel said solemnly, doing his utmost not to sigh. "This is bullshit," Dean declared in his shockingly high, clear voice. "I want ice cream." Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam, Ruby. Spoilers through 4.10. PG-13, (language) gen.

Reccer's notes: This is my personal favourite kind of de-aged Dean story, where Dean is physically de-aged, and mentally - he remembers his grown-up life, but doesn't react to things/behave the way his adult self would. This fic has a really interesting premise, Castiel and Sam are awesome, and Ruby is kind of hilarious when she's trying to get wee!Dean not to cry.

Tags: age regression (physical and mental), crying!Dean, curse/spell

Easy As Pie by pandarus
Author’s notes/summary: Don't ask me where this came from. SPN gen, involving Wee!Dean being wee, and pie. PG, gen.

Reccer's notes: There's a really cool background story as to how Dean gets himself de-aged in this one that's actually kind of heartbreaking, even though the fic itself is funny and light. Very nice.

Tags: age regression (physical), curse/spell

A Life Between Us by heidi8
Author’s notes/summary: Dean was fifteen years old when he woke up one morning and he was about three when he went to sleep that night. Pre-series. PG, gen.

Reccer's notes: Baby!Dean! still trying to boss Sam around, hee! Twelve year old Sam driving the Impala! What’s not to love? Also, I think they’re at interesting ages here to have them switch roles like this.

Tags: age regression (physical and mental), crying!Dean, curse/spell

Regression by reading1066
Author’s notes/summary: Dean and Sam head to the Sweeds. (OCs from her Strangers and Angels 'verse) And this time Dean's the one with the problem. Little Dean in peril. R, gen.

Reccer's notes: I looove the way the brotherly dynamic gradually and naturally shifts here, how Dean eventually lets himself accept, and actually really crave Sam being in that big brother role.

Tags: age regression (physical), curse/spell, kidnapping, psychological trauma/damage

Reverse Polarity! by sazzlette @ lightontheblue
Author’s notes/summary: A few weeks before he turns thirty, Dean thinks he's getting younger. PG, gen.

Reccer's notes: This is one of those fics that I go back to and re-read when I need something to make me SMILE. It's a hilarious, perfectly executed example of this type of fic. I love it when little!Dean is being cooed over by pretty ladies and Sam tries to make him take a nap and he's, like, so pissed off. Haha, perfection.

Tags: age regression (physical), curse/spell

Ten And Taken by sg2009
Author's notes/summary: Sam protects his de-aged, obnoxious, traumatized brother. Not rated, gen.

Reccer's notes: Set in season 4, this has lots of awesome Sam and Bobby, and post-hell Dean angst. YES.

Tags: age regression (physical and a bit of the other too), crying!Dean, curse/spell, kidnapping, post-hell issues, psychological trauma, PTSD


wee!dean by mooooong
Artist's notes: i fell in love with wee!dean, seriously. Gen.

Reccer's notes: OMG OMG, wee!Dean and his precious little freckled face and his stick-uppy hair and his BOWLEGS. Okay, I’ll attempt coherency now. This artist has a fantastic style, and... did I mention his face??? Sigh, these are all so, so lovely. And the third one down has age-regressed!Dean and giant, adoring Sammy, yay.

Tags: age regression (physical)

Tags: !recs, &art/graphics (digital), &fic, [genre: gen], [genre» other: crack/humour], [genre» other: holiday themed], [genre» other: schmoop/fluff], age regression (mental), age regression (physical), crying!dean, curse/spell, hell/post-hell issues, missing (kidnapping/abduction/etc.), psychological damage/broken!dean, psychological trauma, ptsd

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