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Challenge 4: Writing Between the Lines / GENERAL INFO & RULES

Writing Between the Lines:
A Dean-focused h/c fic challenge


The Basics:

Hey, hey! So, this is a bit different than our regular fic challenge.

neonchica came up with the idea for this challenge, and when she kindly offered it to me, I ran with it! I think it’s a super-fun concept. Basically, the difference between this and the regular fic challenge is that instead of request-type prompts, your prompts should be tidbits of fic you’ve written – anything from a single, starting line to a story, to a few lines, to a short paragraph. These can be tidbits you’ve written specifically for this challenge, or excerpts that you’ve previously written, but don’t have the time/inspiration to finish. Pretty much anything!

The claimer of the prompt will then have to incorporate that text somewhere into their challenge fic.

P.S. To the artists out there, I'm planning art-friendly events for the future, I promise! Ilu.


Submit prompts March 13th through to March 25th.
Claim prompts March 27th through to April 12th.
Posting period Anytime after you've claimed a prompt up to and including May 27th.

Challenge Guidelines:

Before we get started: This isn’t an exchange, it’s a challenge, and a pretty low-key one. So, no, you don’t have to prompt to claim, or vice versa. Although, of course we’d love to have you do both! ♥

Rules for writers:

  • Writers, you must incorporate the text from the prompt you choose somewhere - anywhere! - into your fic.

  • Small adjustments to the text are fine (such as for spelling/grammar issues) but for the most part the text should remain the way it was prompted - unless the prompter has given free reign in their notes, of course! Then, that’s awesome.

  • Additionally, this is a Dean-focused hurt-comfort fic challenge, so Dean should be the one in the hurt/comforted role. Your fics may involve sick!Dean, hurt!Dean, angsty!Dean or anything else that results in Dean being on the receiving end of hurt/comfort.

  • You may use one prompt per fic. You will be able to claim up to three separate prompts if you wish, meaning you would write three separate fics.

  • You could get around this if you wanted to, though, by writing separate fics in the same 'verse, one per prompt. ;)

  • When writing your fic, if the prompter has specified a genre (e.g.., gen, Sam/Dean, whatever) to be written around their tidbit, please do respect that. If no preference is given, any genre is totally cool.

  • Some prompters may also add brief comments to their prompt about where they imagine the prompt going. Outside of the genre, you DON’T have to take things in the direction given, (in this challenge, the fic tidbit itself is the prompt) however I figure there will also be a bunch of writers that will enjoy and are looking for that kind of input. So, hopefully there will be something for everyone. ;)

  • Stories should be at least 1000 words, but there's no maximum word requirement, so you can totally go nuts if you want. Longer stories are encouraged, and very much appreciated.

  • No WIPS, sorry. Stories should be complete and posted to the community all at once (with links to all chapters included.)

  • This isn't a requirement, but I just want to say, betas are awesome! If you're looking for one, our very own beta-reader list has many beta-readers who deal specifically with Dean-focused hurt/comfort fics, or you can post a request for one at spn_betas.

  • You may want to check out our links of interest for writers as well. There are medical resources there, among other things.

  • Your challenge fics should be posted to the comm anytime after you've claimed a prompt through to May 27th, at which point I’ll be putting together a masterlist of all the challenge fics posted.

  • You can use the .challenge 4 tag when posting your challenge fics, along with any other tags you see fit. (Click here if you don't know how to tag your posts.)

  • Also, you should link the original prompt/author in your post. See the next point.

  • The posting guidelines for this fic are the same as for any other post to this comm, minus the header form. You can use the header below when posting your challenge fic. It’s the same as our regular one, with the addition of a place for noting what the challenge is/who the prompter is:

    Example of how to fill out your header form:

    Title: Where I Lead Me I Will Travel
    Author: maypoles
    Characters: Dean, Sam
    Genre/pairing: Gen
    Rating: R
    Word-count: 1,000 words.
    Spoilers: All seasons, through 5x22, "Swan Song."
    Warnings: References to self-harm.
    Summary: Uh, stuff happens. Involving Dean. Maybe you guys are better at making up summaries than I am. ;)
    Notes: Written for hoodie_time’s Writing Between the Lines challenge, for this prompt by someone.
    Disclaimer: Not mine.

    Or something like that! Of course you can add any other author’s notes to your header or anything else you want to as well.

  • To use this header, just copy, paste, and fill out the following form:


  • Please post your fic or a link to your fic to hoodie_time before you post it to other communities.

  • Rules for prompters:

    Rules for prompters are available at the prompt post. ;D


    Q: If we make a prompt, do we have to later make a claim?
    A: No. This isn’t an exchange, it’s a challenge, and a pretty low-key one. So, no, you don’t have to prompt to claim, or vice versa. Although, of course we’d love to have you do both!

    Q: Do we have to be a member of the comm to make a prompt or claim a prompt?
    A: You definitely don’t have to, no! Although if you make a claim, you will have to join at some point, as it is asked that you post your challenge fic to the comm.

    If you're not going to be able to get your fic in by the deadline/if you need to drop out:

    This isn’t a reciprocal challenge, and no one is going to be coming after you if you don’t fill your claims. ;) However, if you're in that situation, I'd ask that you read/follow the next few paragraphs, please:

    If for any reason, and you don't have to give a reason, you need to withdraw from the challenge, just PM or e-mail me (preferably with your prompt number, which will be available in the claiming post) and I’ll uncross your prompt. This would be very much appreciated because depending on the amount of time left in the challenge, I may be able to make your prompt available to others.

    If your challenge fic is going to be late, you can either let me know and I’ll give you an extension and add it to the masterlist after the fact. Or, you can just use the .amnesty tag whenever. In that case, your fic WON’T be added to the masterlist, but we’d looove to see it at any time!

    This is a meant to be a low stress challenge, so just have fun, guys!

    What if I want to claim prompts after the claiming period is over?

    During the claiming period, you’ll be able to claim up to 3 prompts. However many prompts you claim, if you finish them before you thought you would, post them, and still want to claim more prompts, that can most definitely (and happily!) be arranged, even if the official claiming period is over. Just let me know.


    What happens to unclaimed or unfilled prompts?

    Please note that once the challenge is closed, these prompts are not available to be snagged/part of our Lonely Prompts Challenge and are the property of the author only.

    Oh, and feel free to comment to this post with any questions or comments you may have about the challenge. ;)

    Note: This isn’t the prompting post. That can be found HERE.

    ETA #1: Claiming is now open HERE.

    ETA #2: The masterlist for this challenge is now up HERE. Check it out!

    This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
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