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Challenge 4: Writing Between the Lines / PROMPT POST

This is the post where you can submit prompts for Writing Between the Lines: A Dean-focused hurt/comfort fic challenge, which is not a regular fic challenge! You can find out more about it HERE.

Rules for prompting:

  • Comment to this post with a prompt/prompts. How do I prompt, you ask? Well, your prompts should be intros or tidbits of fic you’ve written - anything from a single, starting line to a story, to a few lines, to a short paragraph. These can be tidbits you’ve written specifically for this challenge, or excerpts that you’ve previously written, but don’t have the time/inspiration to finish. Pretty much anything!

    The only thing you should not submit are tidbits of fics that have already been posted elsewhere.

  • Yes, this is a Dean-focused h/c challenge, but unlike the finished challenge fics, your prompts don’t have to explicitly include h/c. (I’m not going to expect you to write a one sentence h/c fic.) They should, however, at least allude to some kind of sick! hurt! or angsty! Dean action.

    Example prompt: Dean has this habit of getting deathly sick in Nebraska that’s really starting to piss Sam off. And when he says it pisses him off, he means it scares the hell out of him.

  • Prompts can be as short as you’d like and as long as 200 or so words. This is just a guideline. If you go over that limit, that’s totally fine, and I’m not going to be checking word counts or anything, but I would like to keep the prompts fairly short as the minimum word count for the challenge fic itself is quite low.

  • You may let the prompt speak for itself, or add to it some brief comments on where you imagine the prompt going. Although the writer doesn’t have to take things in the direction you give here, (in this challenge, the fic tidbit itself is the prompt) there will also be writers who enjoy and are looking for this kind of input, no worries.

  • You CAN specify if you have a preferred genre for your prompts, e.g., gen, Sam/Dean, etc, which the writer will then follow. You can do this by putting the preferred genre in your subject line. If you don’t give a preference, writers can choose to write whichever genre they’d like.

  • All genres/pairings are welcome, however this is not an RPF challenge. Please focus on the fictional characters only.

  • No spoilers for future episodes or character bashing in your prompts, please.

  • You can leave as many prompts as you’d like, but one prompt per comment, please. If you've got a few, comment with each separately.

  • Please review your prompt(s) before and after you’ve posted it/them for spelling errors, etc. These aren't quite like a regular prompt; they really are a little sliver of fic, so I suspect we all want to make them as pretty as possible. ;)

  • FAQ:

    Q: If I leave a prompt, do I have to later make a claim?
    A: No. This isn’t an exchange, it’s a challenge, and a pretty low-key one. So, you don’t have to prompt to claim, or vice versa. Although, of course we’d love to have you do both!

    Q: Can I prompt anonymously?
    A: I wouldn’t recommend it for this, since you won’t be able to edit your prompts. You can, though! Just make sure to review your prompts carefully first.

    If you have any questions about the fic challenge that aren't answered above, or in this post, feel free to PM me, or e-mail me at hoodietime [at] gmail [dot] com.

    That's it for now. Prompt away! ;) And claiming prompts will take place from March 27th through to April 9th, so keep those dates in mind.

    I’ll be putting up a numbered master-list of prompts, so you can find your fave prompts before claiming opens. Once claiming opens, only one person will be able to claim each prompt. You’ll be able to make up to 3 claims.

    ETA: This post is now CLOSED for new prompts.

    Thanks, everyone!
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