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Challenge 4: Writing Between the Lines / CLAIMING POST

Writing Between the Lines,
the claiming post

This is the post where you can claim prompts for the Writing Between the Lines challenge.

You can find all the rules and details of the challenge HERE. Please review them before claiming a prompt. There aren’t very many rules, but they’re important. ;)

I should also mention that I know many of you are currently working on your various Big Bangs, (::cheers::) but that the minimum word count for this challenge is only 1000 words (there’s no maximum) and there’s a two month window to write in. So, hopefully some of you can play here too!


Note: Prompts are numbered, and sorted by genre and author (with the anon prompts at the end of each section.)

There aren’t too many pairing prompts, but please note there are tons of awesome, unspecified/no preference prompts in the first section that you can take in that direction as well.

Prompts: Gen, unspecified, or no preference

Prompts: Dean/Sam

Prompts: Dean/Cas

Prompts: Het (Dean/Lisa, Dean/Jo)

How to claim a prompt:

01. A list of prompts are available above, and all are categorized and numbered. In a comment/comments to this post, let me know which number(s) you would like to claim. You can totally comment to the original prompt as well, but to officially sign up, please comment in this post.

02. You may claim up to three prompts.

03. Only one person will be able to claim each prompt, except under special circumstances.

04. I'll try to update the prompt list as frequently as possible, crossing out which prompts have already been claimed and ensuring that no two people claim the same prompt.

05. If someone else claims the prompt you wanted, then pleeeease try and find another that appeals to you, and feed my hurt/comfort addiction in the process! Haha.

06. After you’ve claimed a prompt, please double-check your prompt number to make sure you’ve picked the right number/I’ve crossed off the right number.

07. If you'd like to promote this challenge on your journal, that would be SO GREAT. There's a promotion code available in this post.

The claiming period ends on April 12th, btw.

Posting your challenge fic(s):

You may post your challenge fics to the community anytime you want to after you've claimed a prompt here, up to and including May 27th. Perhaps MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure you re-read and review the challenge rules before you do so!

And of course, have fun! ♥

In conclusion, thank-youuuu for all your amazing prompts!

ETA: The official claiming period is now OVER.

Thanks, everyone!
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