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Between the Lines fic -- Breathing Is the Hardest Thing To Do

Title: Breathing Is the Hardest Thing To Do
Author: hansons_angel
Characters: Dean, Sam, S3 Ruby
Genre/pairing: Gen, no pairings
Rating: Whatever rating needed for some language
Word-count: approx. 9500
Spoilers: Through 3x12, Jus in Bello
Summary: Written for this prompt: A lifetime of aversion to hospitals kept them in the motel room instead of a medical facility, but Sam had a checklist in his head of scenarios or combinations of symptoms which would override the instinct to try to ride it out and send him running for the emergency room. Until then Tylenol, fluids, cough syrup and ice packs would have to see them through. Dean was disturbingly silent and uncharacteristically still, except when he was doubled over coughing; then he was neither silent nor still. It was making Sam crazy, but aside from the ability to keep Dean hydrated with an I.V. there was nothing they’d be doing any differently at the hospital, so they stayed where they were. Sam knew Dean’s breathing would be easiest if he slept upright, but the natural inclination was to curl up when sleeping; the best way to prevent it would be to manually keep him upright. Luckily, Dean’s thinking was too muddled with fever to organize a sufficient protest. Armed with everything he thought he’d need handy, Sam arranged the provisions on the bedside table and got ready for a long night for the "Between the Lines" challenge.
Notes: All notes can be found at my LJ.
Disclaimer: Don't own, no profit made, no harm intended. Also, LJ isn't letting me preview this before I post so if the formatting is wonky or something looks weird -- let me know. I think I've spent as much time trying to post/format as I have writing.

Breathing Is the Hardest Thing To Do
Tags: &fic, .challenge 4, [genre: gen], [setting: season 03], fever, gunshot wound, internal injury, respiratory illness/distress

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