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There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality - Prologue

Summary: Dean has always been a pain in Sam's butt, causing trouble in school, causing trouble at home. When he disappeared for 7 days the summer of 1997 everybody assumed it was either an overlong party or something to do with a girl. Sam didn't think so. Sam had visions of wings and water and light and death. So when Dean knocked on their front door like a storm-wrecked stranger, Sam stood back and wondered who had shown up at their house.

Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Castiel
Pairings: John/Mary [off screen]
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. I just like shaking them out and playing with them.
Beta: slaybelle69
Word count: 27k [complete]
Rating: PG-13

Content: Angst, AU/AR, character death, language, violence; spoilers for up to 5.01 (Sympathy for the Devil); Sam's POV

AN: Inspired by dollarformyname's prompt for the hoodie_time challenge Writing between the Lines. A challenge where one author offered up a line or two of an unfinished story, and another author picked it up and ran with it (or, in my case, crawled). The specific lines from the prompt that inspired me are:

their quarry deigned to reappear with an outrageously simple knock on the door.

Dean was silent and mussed and worn thin. When Dad demanded to know where the hell he'd been, he just shrugged. Couldn't say.

He was different after that.

Icon by mizra as part of the jensenstillness Challenge #231 and snagged with permission. As always for an SPN story, facts and details checked at the Supernatural Wiki.

  Sam ignored him, leaning toward the angel, yelling in his ear, as Lucifer's 'voice' grew in strength. "You get him out of here and make sure he's safe from… from angels and demons and all this shit!" Sam's face was fierce and bleak and pleading. "You can do that for me!"

Tags: .amnesty, .challenge 4, [genre: gen], [genre» other: au/ar], age regression (physical), crying!dean, emotional pain/hurt, grief, missing (kidnapping/abduction/etc.), psychological trauma, secrets (somebody finds out), vessel!dean

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