up all night, got demons to fight (hoodietime) wrote in hoodie_time,
up all night, got demons to fight

[admin/mod post] contact a mod

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for future events here at the comm, or for the comm in general? Random loooove? ;DDD That’s what this post is for, and you’ll get the quickest response by contacting us this way, as all the mods are tracking the post.

Comments will be screened for privacy.

Other good ways to contact us include PM-ing the mod account (hoodietime), or by e-mail, i.e., hoodietime [at] gmail [dot] com. All the mods have access to these things as well.

Posts to keep in mind:

General information and rules
Posting guidelines
Reccing guidelines
Tagging guidelines + Tag request post
Mod Posts (Latest updates on the comm.)

PLEASE NOTE: We suggest that you allow PMs (that is, private messages) as we may need to reply to you using that system. You can change your settings here, under contact info (having it at 'receive messages from registered users' would allow us to PM you). Thanks. <333

This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
Tags: !!mod post, ?contact a mod, ?suggestions/polls

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