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like a fever that just won't break.
tie fire around my heels, send me a-runnin' through the fields.
a Winter/Holiday themed Dean-focused h/c comment meme (themed comment meme #3) 
4th-Dec-2011 10:08 am
let it be me
Let's hope LJ behaves. ::crosses fingers::

Once again, much love to geckoholic for making the beautiful, seasonal banner. Thank-youuu for making this whole thing possible. <333 YOU ARE OUR HERO.

A Winter/Holiday themed
Dean-focused h/c comment-fic meme

Banner courtesy of geckoholic @ bl00dredskies


A few ground-rules:

01. Per your request, we’re having a winter/holiday themed meme this time around! That means we’re looking for prompts involving Christmas, New Year’s, hypothermic snuggles, boys getting snowed in the middle of a hunt leading to yet more hypothermic snuggles, de-aged!Dean and Santa!Sam, idek. The list is endless, really; as long as the prompts relate even VAGUELY to winter-time, they’re game. We’re not picky. ;D

This being the comm it is, prompts should of course also include Dean-centric h/c.

02. Comment to this post with your desired characters or pairings, and a prompt. All genres/pairings are welcome, however this is not an RPF meme. Please focus on the fictional characters only.

Example: Gen, Dean, Sam. It’s not the first Christmas Dean’s spent in the hospital.

03. You can leave as many prompts as you like, but one prompt per comment, please. If you've got a few, comment with each separately.

04. Your prompts can be as short or as detailed as you’d like.

05. Scroll through the comments and when/if you find a prompt you like, write a fic in reply to the comment.

06. More than one comment-fic response to a prompt is totally acceptable, and in fact encouraged. The more fic, the better!

07. Art submissions are very much accepted too! Large art should be posted as a thumbnail that links back to the full art, please.

08. When replying to a prompt with your comment-fic or art, put 'FILLED' in your subject line as well as warning for anything that might be triggering, such as non-con, self-harm, etc. You can add anything else you want too, ie: a title if you have one/part numbers. So, your subject line should look something like this:

FILLED: Title, Character(s), genre/pairing(s), Rating, Warning(s) - if any

For further clarification:

Example: FILLED: Untitled, Dean and Sam, gen, PG-13, self-harm

No worries if you don’t do all of this, but using 'FILLED' as well as warnings will make it easier for people to find your fic, and for me when I’m compiling the masterlist.

09. Anonymous posting is enabled in case you’re embarrassed by your schmoopiest of schmoopy hurt/comfort fantasies or something, haha. IP logging will also be off during the weeks the meme is at it’s most active.

10. No spoilers for upcoming episodes, please.

If you're prompting something from a recently aired episode, please be courteous and note that there may be spoilers before you get to the main part of your request. Or you can use the following code. Just put your prompt/text where it says to:


It will look like this:


11. Likewise, no character bashing, or rudeness in general. Be respectful – of the characters, and of each other. The mods reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments.

12. Do feed your authors! They’re awesome.

13. If you want to advertise this, that’s fantastic! It would be really appreciated. Just copy and paste the code provided above into your journal.


When leaving feedback on a fanwork, remember to press 'reply' directly to the comment you're replying to, rather than pressing 'leave a comment' to the post itself, so that your comment goes to where you want it to. ;)


  • Yes, if your fic gets too long for a comment-fic, you can comment with the link to it at your LJ.

  • Yes, you can totally post the fics you write for this meme directly to the comm as well.

  • Because it bears repeating - yes, art is more than welcome as well as fic.

  • As for a timeframe - Themed memes like this one remain open for prompting until we see things starting to slow down. So, awhile! ;) And you’ll know it’s closed for prompting because a mod will tack a big, bolded note that says so at the bottom of this page. In any case, the meme will stay open indefinitely for new comment-fics and comments/feedback.

Any other questions? Feel free to PM us at the hoodietime account, or e-mail hoodietime [at] gmail [dot] com.

Have funnn! And happy holidays! <3


ETA: As of Januray 18th, 2012, this meme is closed for leaving new prompts. It is still OPEN, however, (and will be indefinitely) for new comment-fics and comments/feedback, and we’ll keep updating the masterlist as long as people keep writing. ;)

➽ This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
14th-Dec-2011 02:51 am (UTC)
Slight AU for Christmas eps. Because mute!Dean is ♥

So ever since the fire sometimes, when things are bad, Dean stops talking. It doesn't happen often, and it never lasts that long. But for some reason, maybe because November is such a bad month, something always happens right before Christmas that shuts him up. So Dean's spend every Christmas since the fire mute. it gets to the point where he just associates them and it happens automatically. And now it's their first Christmas since Stanford and Dean stops talking around the 23rd and Sam just isn't used to it anymore.

I don't know. Spark any bunnies for anyone?
14th-Dec-2011 02:58 am (UTC)
Secondedddd. Mute!Dean IS ♥
14th-Dec-2011 07:06 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
15th-Dec-2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
I LOVE it, but I've been grabbed by this sudden urge to not do the hc bingo thing for nothing and I can't get this prompt to work with any of their extras in combination with my card. such a shame...
19th-Dec-2011 07:09 pm (UTC) - FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (1/2)
Before stepping across the threshold he stomps his feet against the ground, clumps of snow breaking loose from his boots and the hems of his jeans. Heat blasts against his face and he shakes his head, dislodging the snowflakes caught in his hair.

An old Christmas cartoon plays on the television. The high-pitched voices ring familiar, as does the tinny music. He finds his brother sitting on the edge of the couch, eyes fixed on the screen and hand wrapped around the remote.

“Coffee?” he offers, holding up one of the two cups. Thanks to his awkward shuffle from the car -- take-away bag under his jacket and his body hunched forward to protect the precious cargo – they’re relatively dry. Dean holds out his hand for the coffee, apparently expecting Sam to not only pick up breakfast but also to wait on him hand and foot.

Balancing the two cups in one hand, Sam digs through the bag until he finds an apple. Even with his attention focused on the television screen Dean reacts instantly as Sam lobs the fruit towards his head; hand shooting up through the air and snatching it mid-flight.

Sam braces himself, preparing for either a verbal barrage or retaliation in the form of the remote flying towards his own head. Dean doesn’t as much as look up though, just increases the volume a few notches before taking a bite from his apple.


“Left you some hot water.”

He imagines that he hears Dean grunting in reply, though it might just be the furniture groaning in protest. With Sam as a fascinated audience, Dean goes from lying curled on his side to sprawling out with his legs thrown over the back of the couch; a position which should be impossible for the human body to hold for more than a few agonizing minutes.

“Dude,” Sam says, “you’re already bow-legged. You sure you wanna add hunch-backed to that?”

It’s a low blow and he knows it. Last time he’d mentioned the b-word, Dean had nearly run him over with the Impala. This time Dean just lifts a loosely curled hand and, slowly, slowly, raises the middle finger in a silent salute. Something at the periphery of Sam’s mind nudges at his attention, but he pushes it aside and returns to his book.

So, Dean's being a dick. Nothing new about that.


“Dinner,” he says, dropping the bag on the table.

From the corner of his eye he sees Dean lifting his head, dark eyes following Sam's every move as he unpacks the food. Each container slams against the table but the sound is drowned out by the din of the television. In Sam's opinion, it's nothing short of a Christmas miracle that no one has knocked on the door to complain about the sound yet.

“Turkey salad and a pot of yogurt for me,” he continues, raising his voice to be heard. “And a turkey salad and a pot of yogurt for you. Oh, and a big bottle of cranberry juice to share.”

The canned laughter dies abruptly and the room falls into silence. After the first few minutes Sam finally accepts that no matter what he says or does, that silence will remain unbroken.


It’s amazing, he thinks later as he lies in his lumpy bed and tries to coax his body to sleep, just amazing how the mind works; the things you remember and the things you forget.

He imagines that the snuffling, snoring sounds his brother makes in his sleep will stay with him until the day that he dies. It’s the sound track he’s fallen asleep to his entire childhood; in the back of their father’s car, in sleazy motel rooms, in cockroach-infested apartments. It's his equivalent to white noise, blocking out the rest of the world.

The smell of beer and sweat that he associates with his father, the glimmer of the sun reflected in the hood of the Impala, the weight and feel of a gun in his hands... these are other things which he can't shake, no matter how hard he tries. And he's tried. Oh, man, has he tried.

Other things just disappear though, pushed away to places he can’t reach. Holidays and birthdays, gone just like that. All that time spent staring out at the passing landscape through the car window. All those hours waiting in hospitals; dark thoughts running through his mind, darker fears lurking at the corners of it, the promises and bargains made with God.

And then this; these painful, drawn-out silences which had once terrified him so.
19th-Dec-2011 07:10 pm (UTC) - FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
The next day is more of the same, the minutes dragging by until Sam is hard-pressed to remember a time when things had been different. No matter how he turns the flicker of the television intrudes on his field of vision, reflecting in the windows and picture frames.

“Will you stop watching those cartoons?” he finally snaps. “You’re not a kid anymore, you know that right?”

There's no reply and Sam, one more unanswered question away from picking his brother up and shaking him like a terrier with a half-dead rat, shrugs into his coat and slams the door shut behind him.

If Dean wants silence, he can have it.


He's shivering within minutes, teeth hammering together and his toes curling inside his boots.

There's nowhere to walk, just the parking lot and then the road, snow knee-high on the surrounding fields and between the dark, lifeless trees. The vacancy sign casts a red glow which mixes with the pale white which filters through the dirty motel windows. Behind him he can see the trail he's left behind in the otherwise untouched snow. Far away he can hear the murmur of traffic and he feels a pang of envy at the thought of going somewhere.

Anything, he thinks, anything but being stuck here.


By the time he returns all he feels is cold and tired.

The room's dark and he fumbles for the light switch with numb and clumsy fingers. As it flickers to life, he finds the couch empty except for the very corner. There, curled up against the armrest, sits Dean with his eyes closed and his face slack. Feigning sleep like a pro. Like someone who's forgotten that Sam knows his every trick.

He looks like a stranger; small and silent. And hurt.

The latter is the hardest for Sam to accept. This isn't his older brother acting up to annoy him or to hammer in yet another life lesson. This is Dean messed-up, unable to cope and hurting.

And Sam... Sam can either be the guy who kicks at Dean when he's already down, or he can be Dean’s brother.


They spend Christmas Day on that couch, Sam's cold feet digging into Dean's side and the covers from both beds draped around them like they're kids hiding out underneath a collapsed pillow fort. Sam finds them a cheesy horror movie and catches Dean grinning at the appearance of the swamp monster.

The next day they pile into the Impala and drive across the state border despite the ice and snow. Half-way to Millegan, Montana, Dean asks him to pass the bag of peanut butter cups and Sam, giddy with relief, even unwraps it for him. The chocolate melts against his fingers, but that's okay.

Life's back to what passes for normal.
19th-Dec-2011 07:41 pm (UTC) - Re: FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
I LOVE YOU. This is perfect. Sam's one-sided snark, and the middle finger, and Dean cranking up the background noise. And then Sam being annoyed and then seeing through Dean's fake sleeping. And the ending was awesome. The fort! Sam's feet! Sam unwrapping chocolate for Dean 'cause he talked! \o/
20th-Dec-2011 02:15 am (UTC) - Re: FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
Ohhh. This is a wonderfully layered and subtly done take on mute!Dean. I absolutely love your style, and what you did with the prompt. <333
20th-Dec-2011 02:49 am (UTC) - Re: FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
Blanket forrrt. Peanut butter cups for the road. Happy times. Well. Saddish happy times! ♥
20th-Dec-2011 03:40 am (UTC) - Re: FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
20th-Dec-2011 03:47 am (UTC) - Re: FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
Awww, that was lovely. Sam's slow realization, Dean's darkness -- sad, and sweet, and I loved it.
20th-Dec-2011 05:19 am (UTC) - Re: FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
I really like how Dean's almost a non-presence here, a blank space framed by the things going on around him. Really effective. Nicely done!
22nd-Dec-2011 01:03 am (UTC) - Re: FILLED - i have met a stranger with silent lips (2/2)
Gah, this is great. I adore how quiet the writing is; it mirrors Dean perfectly. Beautiful.
20th-Dec-2011 04:23 am (UTC) - FILLED AGAIN - Standing At The River's Edge
This was my first try at a comment!fic and I ended up going long, so it's posted over on my journal, http://smalltrolven.livejournal.com/3738.html
Now to go read the first fill!
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