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[mod post] first real post, woo! (intro + a celebratory compilation of sick!Dean comment-fic!)

Hi, I'm currently your one and only mod, maypoles. (I also use the mod account, hoodietime, for posting certain modly things.) ::waves::

On the exciting occasion of our first post, I've put together a compilation of all the sick!Dean fic I could find from two recent superfantastic SPN fic memes - namely round one of the SPN kink meme and spn_hurtcomfort's hurt/comfort meme - in case anybody missed them.

Caution: If you’re a sensitive reader and/or haven't seen all aired episodes, tread carefully. Comment-fics generally don’t include warnings.

From round one of the SPN Kink Meme:


Fic: like a bird without a song by anon
Prompt: Dean's spiking a high fever due to either a curse or being sick. Sam takes care of him.
Tags: fever, flu

Fic: sickness/vulnerability kink by anon
Prompt: Dean is feverish, pink-cheeked and glassy-eyed and just kind of miserable and gross, but Sam thinks he's never been prettier. No dub-con or anything, but bonus points if Dean isn't really up to messing around but Sam puppy dog faces him into it.
Tags: fever, flu

Fic: Old Fashioned by anon
Prompt: Dean is sick and Sam takes his temperature the OTHER way.
Tags: fever, flu

Fic: Untitled by anon
Prompt: Someone requested something related to this one earlier, but I want Sam to actually screw Dean when he's got a high fever.
Tags: fever

Fic: baby's on fire by anon
Prompt: Dean's getting sick, Sam's getting kinda turned on by the sneezing. And they're stuck in the Impala together.
Tags: cold, sneezing

Fic: sick!boys, schmoopy snuggling schmooop by anon
Prompt: The boys are both sick, and they spend a few days just cuddling in bed and watching horrible daytime tv and being really kind of pathetic and whiny. It would be awesome if one of them got sicker than the other and the other sickie tries to take care of him.
Tags: colds

Fic: Untitled by salacious_newt
Prompt: Sam immobilizes Dean just by pinning his wrists to the bed or wall with his massive paws, yum. But this causes Dean to have a hell flashback.
Tags: hugs/cuddling, post-hell issues, PTSD, sexual abuse

Fic: I Rolled With You by anon
Prompt: I'm a h/c junkie! So, how about Dean has a flashback to Alistair forcing himself on him when he's having sex with Sam? Maybe it's a repressed memory he hadn't remembered until right then.
Tags: hugs/cuddling, post-hell issues, PTSD, repressed memories, sexual abuse

Fic: Floggers and Knives by anon
Prompt: Sam finds out Dean gets off on being hurt during sex from his time spent in hell, h/c.
Tags: hugs/cuddling, pain, post-hell issues, psychological damage, self-harm

Fic: broken!Dean by epicallytired
Prompt: I have this huuuuge vulnerability kink. I love the idea of Dean, who strives to be so in control of himself, just being psychologically very broken (you know, in a much more visibile way than he already is) to the point of almost not being able to function, and in obvious need of being cared for.
Tags: bed sharing, hugs/cuddling, psychological damage, mental illness


Fic: Lose the Halo, Sick, Sick, Sick by anon
Prompt: Dean gets saddled with swine flu. When writing this remember that: A. Swine flu is actually one of the least deadly pandemics we've ever had, and B. it is also darn contagious and resistant to medication. Bonus points for Sam taking care of him in all the small ways a-la-ghost sickness, manfully whining being countered by teasing, Dean being annoyed that he's not 100%, a 'bout of dizziness that forces him to sit down on the floor in the middle of the room and playing it cool when either Sam or Cas finds him there. Sexing not necessary, but have Cas getting infected and being all "above such human ills". It's h/c baby!
Tags: flu

This meme's still going, by the way, so go have some fun with it if you haven't already!

Aaaand from round one of the other SPN kink meme, Blindfold SPN, one Dean/Sam fic:

Note: This community friends-locks it's entries after two weeks. I wouldn't normally link to anything that's friends-locked, but it's locked for obvious reasons and the comm has open membership, so anyone who has an LJ can check it out whenever.

Fic: Off the Beaten Path by anon
Prompt: Sam secretly gets really turned on by sneezing! It's never been an issue before Dean manages to catch himself a super sneezy cold/flu thing.
Tags: cold, sneezing

Fic: Only Halfway Home by ariadnes_string
Prompt: Dean has a fever or a concussion and thinks he's back in hell. Sam and Castiel have to look after him and try and talk him through it. Some Dean/Cas shippiness would be nice if you can fit it in but gen is also fine.
Tags: delirium, fever, injury, poisoning, post-hell issues, supernatural illness

Fic: The Monday Night Hurt/Sick Dean Combo by innocentculprit
Prompt: Dean has a concussion and a fever and is confused and headachy and tired and sad and sleepy. Sam applies ice/cloths/something useful to his forehead and neck and soothes/teases/consoles/helps him until he falls asleep.
Tags: concussion, fever, nausea

Fic: Untitled by sinnerforhire
Prompt: Dean, chickenpox.
Tags: chickenpox, fever

Fic: Beholden by i_speak_tongue
Prompt: Dean gets sick during a hunt but keeps insisting he is fine. Only he is ... not.
Tags: flu

Fic: Untitled by mad_server
Prompt: Dean gets sick and wears one of Sam's hoodies!
Tags: cold, Dean wearing Sam's hoodie!

Fic: Wet Cats and Second Chances by i_speak_tongue
Prompt: Dean saves a cat from a flooded storm water drain / culvert. Gets cold, wet and scratched up for his troubles; Sam tries not to laugh whilst patching him up.
Tags: cold

Fic: Untitled by sinnerforhire
Fic: Terminal Burrowing by july_july_july
Prompt: Dean is hiding that a lingering cold has turned into pneumonia to go on a hunt (possibly following Sam and/or John without them knowing?) in the middle of a howling storm.
Tags: cold, pneumonia

Fic: Many Forehead Feels For Rehymenated Dean by mad_server
Prompt: sinnerforhire wrote an awesome fic earlier in this meme where Dean gets the chickenpox due to his "rehymenated" body not coming with all the resistance to things his old body had built up. Well, I want a fic where Dean keeps getting sick, like, all the time, and Sam frowns and feels his forehead a lot.
Tags: various illnesess, naaaw, Dean!

Fic: Untitled by anon/a.k.a your friendly neighbourhood mod
Prompt: S4, Dean has an especially effed up relationship with pain now, Sam finds out/realizes. And I offer cookies for self injury (but not cutting!) and extra ones for it not having much ritualistic behaviour attached - so it'd be just something he does and he doesn't particularly plan it or think about it afterwards.
Tags: pain, post-hell issues, PTSD, self-harm

Fic: Untitled by anon
Prompt: Dean is de-aged and for some reason they can't change him back for awhile. Meanwhile a nasty gets wind of Dean's vulnerability, and he is kidnapped and moderately mistreated, PTSD!Dean.
Tags: age regression (physical), curse/spell, PTSD

Fic: Untitled by tir_synni
Prompt: AU after first season's car crash. The YED is dead, John didn't make the deal. But after Dean wakes up from the coma he's not the same as before (might be PTSD, physical or mental disabilities or he's in need of constant treatmeant due to some injuries, stuff like that). I'd love to read something where Sam, Dean and John settle down somewhere and try to find a way back into a normal life.
Tags: mental illness, mutism, psychological damage

Fic: Perfectly Functional Member of Society: part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 by bellatemple
Fic: Narcoleptic!Dean: part 1 / parts 2 & 3 by rei17
Prompt: Narcoleptic!Dean
Tags: narcolepsy

Fic: Sneezes by anon
Prompt: Dean has sneeze syncope (faints for a short time after sneezing).
Tags: fainting/collapse, sneezing

Eee, I hope I got them all!

And now, a mod note! So, I'm a big h/c fan who's been in love with sick!Dean ever since “Faith” in season one, when he was all pale and freckly and wee, dressed up in what I like to assume was Sam’s giant hoodie. SIGH. But I didn’t decide to create this comm until after I randomly discovered a similar comm, for Wilson from House. I’m a very casual viewer of House, but I kind of wish I read fic for the show now! They have tags and tags full of various sick!Wilson maladies/hurts. And I was just like, man, there needs to be a central place like that where I can get my sick!Dean fix. So.

Anyway, House is of course a medical show, which is why I assume it has so many fics of this nature, but I know we totally have a few sick!Dean girls around here, and sick!Dean already has a community on fanfiction.net. So, come on LJ-ers, help a baby comm out and join/watch us! It'll be awesome.

➽ This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this username for organizational purposes.
Tags: !!mod post, !recs, &fic, *fun stuff, [genre: gen], [genre: slash], [genre» other: kink], [pairing: dean/alastair], [pairing: dean/castiel], [pairing: dean/sam], age regression (physical), bed sharing, chickenpox, common cold, concussion/head trauma, curse/spell, dean wearing sam's hoodie!, delirium, fainting/collapse, fever, flu, hell/post-hell issues, hugs/cuddling, injury (misc./other/uncategorized), mental illness, mutism/voice loss, narcolepsy, nausea/vomiting, pain, pneumonia, poisoning, psychological damage/broken!dean, ptsd, repressed memories, self-harm, sexual assault/abuse (non-con), sneezing, supernatural illness

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