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like a fever that just won't break.
tie fire around my heels, send me a-runnin' through the fields.
dean-focused h/c comment fic & art meme #7 
28th-Mar-2013 05:31 am
an unfinished smile
We're getting ready for the final lap of Season 8. What better way than to kick the stakes up and throw in some H/C? ;D

A Dean-focused
h/c comment fic & art meme

Banner courtesy of geckoholic


A few ground-rules:

01. As for what type of thing you should be prompting here, this is a Dean-focused hurt/comfort community, so Dean should be the one in the hurt/comforted role. Your prompts may involve sick!Dean, (yes, please!) angsty!Dean, hurt!Dean, or anything else that results in Dean being on the receiving end of hurt/comfort.

02. Comment to this post with your desired characters or pairings, if any, and a prompt. All genres/pairings are welcome, however this is not an RPF meme. Please focus on the fictional characters only.

Example A: “Sam, Dean, gen, set in season 4. PTSD!Dean has a flashback to hell on a hunt and almost gets himself and Sam killed. Cue guilty, upset Dean and awesome, comforting Sam.”
Example B: “Sam/Dean, fever. Dean has the chills and there is cuddling, naaw.”

03. You can leave as many prompts as you like, but one prompt per comment, please. If you've got a few, comment with each separately.

04. Your prompts can be as short or as detailed as you’d like.

05. Scroll through the comments and when/if you find a prompt you like, write a fic or create some art in reply to the comment.

06. More than one comment-fic response to a prompt is totally acceptable, and in fact encouraged. The more fic, the better!

07. Art submissions are very much accepted too! Art larger than 800 px or so should be posted as a thumbnail that links back to the full art, please.

08. When replying to a prompt with your comment-fic or art, put 'FILLED' in your subject line as well as warning for anything that might be triggering, such as non-con, self-harm, etc. You can add anything else you want too, ie: a title if you have one/part numbers. So, your subject line should look something like this:

FILLED: Title, Character(s), genre/pairing(s), Rating, Warning(s) - if any

For further clarification:

Example: FILLED: Untitled, Dean and Sam, gen, PG-13, self-harm

It’s not a big deal if you don't do all of this, but using 'FILLED' as well as warnings will make it easier for people to find your fic, and for the mods when we’re compiling the masterlist.

09. Anonymous posting is enabled in case you’re embarrassed by your schmoopiest of schmoopy hurt/comfort fantasies or something, haha. IP logging will also be off during the weeks the meme is at it’s most active.

10. No spoilers for upcoming episodes, please. If you're prompting something from a recently aired episode, please be courteous and note that there may be spoilers before you get to the main part of your request. Or you can use the following code. Just put your prompt/text where it says to.

Do the same for anything that might be triggering, such as non-con, self-harm, etc.


It will look like this:


11. Likewise, no character bashing, or rudeness in general. Be respectful – of the characters, and of each other. The mods reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments.

12. Do feed your authors/artists! They’re awesome.

13. If you want to advertise this, that’s fantastic! It would be really appreciated. Just copy and paste the code provided above into your journal.

Oh, and just a few things!


  • Yes, if your fic gets too long for a comment-fic, you can comment with the link to it at your LJ.

  • Yes, you can totally post the fics/art you write/create for this meme directly to the comm as well.

  • Because it bears repeating - yes, art is more than welcome as well as fic.

  • As for a timeframe - this post will be open for prompting between one and two weeks or so. There’s no exact timeframe, because we play it by ear and don’t close it until we see it’s starting to slow down. In any case, it will stay open indefinitely for new comment-fics and comments/feedback.

Any other questions? Feel free to PM us at the hoodietime account, or e-mail hoodietime [at] gmail [dot] com.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!


ETA: As of May 3rd, 2013, this meme is closed for leaving new prompts. It is still OPEN, however, (and will be indefinitely) for new comment-fics/art and comments/feedback, and we’ll keep updating the masterlist as long as people keep playing. ;)

This post was compiled by kalliel and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
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31st-Mar-2013 03:17 am (UTC) - The Bigger Little Brother; untitled; Sam, Dean, and Cas, gen; PG (?); spoilers 8.17
A/N: I attempted to follow this prompt and the one below it, but in the end it turned into 80% this prompt and a little bit of the other one thrown in for added angst.
Over the course of the night, there’s lots of blood, quite a bit of shouting, and several shots of whisky. Setting a broken arm has never been Sam’s speciality, and he’s even less sure of how to deal with the fact that Dean’s arm has been completely twisted around. By all accounts, they should’ve just gone to the hospital. But Dean was all “I just want to go home” and “hospitals suck” and “I’m fine, Sammy” and in the end, Sam gave in. More than anything else, it was probably the realization that Dean had called the base “home” that made Sam agree to drive straight back to the base instead of a hospital.
It’s going to scar.
As soon as Sam starts cleaning the blood off Dean’s face, he knows it. Dean’s eye is swollen almost shut. In the end, half of Dean’s face is covered in bandages and his arm is in a sling.
“We’re taking you into a hospital in the morning,” Sam says. No arguments, shut up, Dean.
“Fine,” Dean mutters. “Can I get some sleep?”
“Tell me what happened first,” Sam says, putting the supplies back in the first aid kit.
“Look, man, I’m tired. It’s been a long day and--”
“It was Cas, wasn’t it?” Sam asks. He hates himself for asking, for thinking it, but he’d be stupid not to consider it. The evidence is staring him in the face. When he’d found Dean, he’d been alone. Cas was nowhere to be found, and when Sam had asked, Dean had just shaken his head and snapped that they should get going. And now... Dean doesn’t yell at Sam for even saying something so terrible. Sam knows he’s right, knows and is sickened by the thought. Cas had done this Dean. Their Cas. I’m so sorry, Dean.
“Someone was controlling him,” Dean says finally. “A ‘Naomi’ or something. We found the tablet. He started acting weird, wanted to take it. I wouldn’t let him; I kept telling him I’d take it to Kevin...” Dean trails off and Sam mentally fills in the blanks. Cas attacked Dean for the tablet and Dean didn’t stand much of a chance to defend himself when caught off-guard by something as powerful as Cas. “He was fighting it though, in the end. He was trying to get back control. I think I must’ve got through to him. He said he was sorry, and then he left.”
Sam sighs, “Okay.”
“‘Okay’?” Dean mimics incredulously. “That’s all you got?”
“What else do you want me to say?” Sam asks. “I’m sorry? I am, but... we’ll get through this. We always do.”
(Deleted comment)
28th-Mar-2013 12:57 pm (UTC) - Re: Spoiler for 8x17: violence, hurt/comfort, PTSD, Dean/Cas
I second this one!
28th-Mar-2013 12:57 pm (UTC)

Dean couldn't just LET that little old lady get hit by the car..... So he gets her out of the way and takes the hit for her. And he's the one that ends up with broken hips. Pre-season with teen dean possibly.
9th-May-2013 02:56 am (UTC) - Superman 1/3
Dean Winchester isn't known for a hell of a lot--not now, and not ever. But Superman at sixteen isn't bad. He could die with that one on his conscience.

Emma Doyle is sitting at his bedside. Emma Doyle is eighty-four and tiny, a shrunken head that hasn't found her museum. She's blind as all hell, judging by the thickness of her glasses, but she's not as Old Lady as Dean would have expected her to be. But let's be real, everything above twenty seems inconceivable, and Emma Doyle is plenty goddamn old. Alaska, she says. She'd almost been run over by one of those bush planes in Alaska. Wasn't anyone there to save her back then, but oh, she wished there had been. I think all friendships are born of violent serendipities, she says. I'd teach that if I thought my students would have an idea what I meant. I was a teacher in Alaska, too, she says, I was a teacher in Alaska before I moved out to Carlsbad. Are you from Carlsbad, Dean?

Dean's starting to feel unconsciousness billow up from the back of his throat, the sort of radial nausea that comes with carsickness and, apparently, being hit by cars. His lips feel pasty, like they've been sealed together, and he'd be fucking glad for the silence if Emma Doyle weren't busily feeling it.

He's been told she's thankful. But he knows guilt when he hears it. That's the big difference between little old ladies and babies (the kind you pull from fires), he's decided. Little old ladies have some idea of their own culpability. Don't matter whether it's real or imagined, they know guilt and given the opportunity they stew in it just like everyone else.

Dean just wishes she'd brought cookies. Day = made, right here. But no dice. Instead Emma talks, and Dean listens. Then Dean is in too much pain to listen. Then Dean is too drugged to listen. Then Dean sleeps, and sleeps, and Emma talks and talks. When Dean wakes and she's still there, he's torn between abject horror and hurt. He hates himself a little, but kindness hurts. He's known a lot of hospital beds, but the bedside's almost always empty.

"Mrs. Doyle," he mumbles groggily. "You're m' new best friend."

Emma Doyle doesn't seem to understand.

"So for the loveofGod, fuck off."

"Fine," is her only response. Which surprises him. It surprises the crap out of him, actually. She doesn't actually fuck off, but she does shut up. Dean turns away from her. Tries to wiggle his toes.

Jesus fucking christ.

"So you're Dean Neale," she says, finally.

"Sure." He wants water. He slants his eyes toward the IV in his arm and resists the urge to itch around the needle. He's so thirsty he'd rip it out and drink from it if he thought there was any chance in the world of getting away with something like that.

"And you're Mrs. Doyle. And you're a teacher."

Emma Doyle brightens. From the corner of his eye Dean sees her posture raise and her hands clasp together, her feet twist around the legs of her little plastic hospital chair. Part of him feels cold and leaden; and her little brightnesses are fucking exhausting.

"Well, a substitute, actually. I'm subbing for Mr. Granger, he had a heart attack, his wife's the algebra teacher, he teaches history--well. Anyway, I teach the US History course. Mr. Granger had a heart attack, you know."

"Did he." Dean wishes he could have a heart attack. He feels cold and static and he can't lift this nausea from his chest. He takes a deep breath. Fuuuck, he groans, and bites his lower lip.

"You know him?"

Please just drug me. He closes his eyes.

Dean hears her shuffle abruptly, takes in a whiff of her as she draws near then whips back, as though she is trying to decide whether she should call a nurse, call a doctor, call the entire hospital. He wishes she'd go. He wishes she'd forget.

"Yeah, I think so," Dean says, and looks up at Emma Doyle. She has nice eyes; they're green. "I think he was my history teacher."
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(Deleted comment)
28th-Mar-2013 01:01 pm (UTC)
Sam/dean .... If a tree falls on a dean in the Forrest, will Sam hear it????
28th-Mar-2013 01:07 pm (UTC)
LOL. XD Omg, I love us. <3
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28th-Mar-2013 04:12 pm (UTC) - Re: Spoilers for 8x17; character deaths (temporary/dreams), Groundhog Day
LOVE THIS god that whole scene was just...amazing.
28th-Mar-2013 02:21 pm (UTC)
[Gen: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Cas] Set in Season 4/"On the Head of a Pin" AU. No one broke the Devil's Trap that was holding Alastair so Dean was not interrupted during the torture session. He succeeded in getting the information he needed (either he put the demon through enough pain or Alastair was proud of getting Dean to act the way he did in the Pit). In the end, the Dean that comes out of the room isn't the same. The nightmares about Hell get worse, he's fighting urges to hurt others and revert back to torturing, and he's become even more distrustful of those around him. Cue trying to be understanding and comforting Sam and/or Bobby and apologetic Castiel.
28th-Mar-2013 09:08 pm (UTC)
Second this. I love dark!Dean and anything that is linked to OTHOAP.
28th-Mar-2013 02:33 pm (UTC)
Sam's been calling Dean for hours; no answer. He finally tracks him via his phone's GPS (or simple detectivework) and finds Dean deep in the woods, peppered with arrows. (St. Sebastian, anyone? :D)

Art or words welcomed! Gen, please, but feel free not to skimp on the blood. ;)
28th-Mar-2013 09:00 pm (UTC)
Wow, I hope someone attempts this, I've always thought that image of St Sebastian being martyred is so striking. Plus of course a nearly naked Dean shot full of arrows is an extremely distracting thought *G*.

(Deleted comment)
28th-Mar-2013 02:50 pm (UTC)
Gen or wincest. Dean has aphasia.
I really want to see a fic where one of the brothers has a stroke or some brain injury that leads to acquired aphasia. I think just it'll be great to see how the ability of verbal communication is important once it's lost. I'd love to see Sam help Dean do some speech therapy and try to figure out what Dean means .(Dyslexia can be an accompanying symptom, so Dean may not be able to write down what he can't say.)
This is so great! I feel like I can snatch some great prompts and draw something, if this will not be replaced by a new meme in the several weeks. I'm being tormented by the preparation for an interview so can't do much right now. But this is fantastic! Hope I can pick up some treasure when I can!
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28th-Mar-2013 04:37 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
(Deleted comment)
28th-Mar-2013 09:07 pm (UTC)
28th-Mar-2013 03:08 pm (UTC) - Asthma!Dean
Asthma!Dean because it's my favorite. Anything goes as long as it's gen. Preferably teen!chesters
28th-Mar-2013 03:35 pm (UTC)
In some cases, (sexual) abuse can be the root of hypersexuality in adults. Discuss.
28th-Mar-2013 08:19 pm (UTC)
I'd love doing something with this. Any more details of what you'd like to read?
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
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28th-Mar-2013 05:30 pm (UTC) - Disconnected Dean
Gen please.
Since I haven't watched season 8 yet (though obviously I know by now where Dean has been), would rather a seasons 1-7 time frame if possible... but it's not an absolute must.

Dean, for whatever traumatic reason, sometimes loses touch with his body. He can begin to feel like he's watching himself from the outside or like his hand or leg are someone else's. If it's bad enough, his consciousness begins to drift, like he can't stay in the here and now anymore. He may not respond to his own name, for example; he seems to get... lost. Disconnected.

Sam knows (or finds out) that this is a dissociative defense mechanism, and learns that Dean's mind does this whenever he reaches emotional overload. The thing is, it's a tricky little defense mechanism; the disconnect can occur while on a case, or while they're kicking back and watching something on the TV in the motel. You can never really know what will set it off. Sam finds himself having to adjust to this new problem. It doesn't help that Dean won't admit (at first?) that it even exists.

I'd LOVE to see Sam being protective and caring for a vulnerable, not all there Dean, maybe learning what brings him back and doing it to help him.

These are just the general outlines, feel free to play.
Thanks a lot.

28th-Mar-2013 08:27 pm (UTC) - Re: Disconnected Dean
Awesome and intriguing. There are a few of us on these things I always notice who are really interested in the idea of dissociative Dean and I love you all.
28th-Mar-2013 08:31 pm (UTC)
Nothing says "time to think up a h/c prompt" like a hectic and gross day at work. ANYWAY.

Right, so Dean keeps everything buried, as we well know. He has, from time to time, vented a bit, let some of the pressure off -- usually in a tearful confession by the side of the road -- but with [season 8]Sam already having to deal with the trials and the added distance still lingering from Dean finding out that Sam just gave him up for dead at the top of the season, Dean's been packing it all down and in even harder than ever before, holding himself together with mental duct tape and chicken wire.

And then, you know, he can't.

What happens? Does he sob uncontrollably? Go on an overly aggressive monster killing spree? Run off and start a new life under an assumed identity? Check out completely? All of the above? What does a mental breakdown look like on Dean?
28th-Mar-2013 09:20 pm (UTC)
I will never get tired of this trope. Ever.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
28th-Mar-2013 08:38 pm (UTC)
This is one of my favorite h/c scenarios and I don't know why. Dean has broken ribs... and some sort of illness that causes you to cough and/or sneeze a lot. It's painful.

Sam, Dean, gen or slash.
28th-Mar-2013 09:01 pm (UTC)
Ah, sometimes the simple hurts pleasures are the best, right? XD

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