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[admin/mod post] directory of off-comm awesomeness!

I was thinking that it would be cool if we could leave links to any off-comm awesomeness in this post for other members to browse on a rainy day. This fandom is so huge, and I know I personally love going through others' rec lists, etc. and discovering new, yummy fic. So, yeah. You can leave the links to any comms/archives/sites of interest, rec posts, delicious accounts, LJ memories, comment-fic & art memes, challenges, whatever! you wish to share in this post - as long as at least a bit of Dean-focused hurt/comfort is included, please! Then, I'll add them to the masterlist.

Fyi, this post will remain open indefinitely, and the masterlist will be updated as frequently as possible.

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Directory of off-comm awesomeness!

Comms, archives, and sites of interest
Comment-fic & art memes
Rec posts
Fic lists; e.g., delicious accounts/LJ memories/etc.

Comms, archives, and sites of interest:

Not finding what you're looking for? Or just looking for some other cool places to visit? Here’s a list of related communities, sites, and archives.


  • SPN Hurt/Comfort (LJ)


  • SPN/J2 Schmoop (LJ)
  • SPN Fluff Archive (LJ)


  • Dark Dean (LJ)
  • SPN Dark Vault (LJ)
  • SPN Hardcore (LJ)

    Other/related (multifandom, pairing-centric, specialty comms/archives/sites, etc.):

  • Alastair/Dean (LJ)
  • Angst Archive (LJ)
  • Bottom Dean (LJ)
  • Dean Damage (.com)
  • Hurt Dean (LJ)
  • Knives Inside Me, a comm for Dean/Jensen stomach love; h/c-heavy. (LJ)
  • Purgatory SPN (LJ)
  • Sick Dean (ff.net)
  • SPN Kink House's hurt/comfort tag (LJ)
  • Trauma Recovery Fiction (LJ)

    Comment-fic & art memes:

  • Running Hot: a multi-fandom fever fic comment meme hosted by ariadnes_string

  • Running Hot II hosted by ariadnes_string

  • hypothermia comment-fic meme hosted by afterthecold

  • The Kissing, Cuddling, Nuzzling, Wrap-You-Up in my Clothes Comment Meme: round one & round two hosted by dante_s_hell

  • The SPN Cuddle Comment Fic Meme hosted by errant_jane

  • SPN hurt/comfort comment-fic meme hosted by girlmostlikely

  • SPN schmoop comment-fic meme hosted by hils

  • Looking Glass: Dean Winchester, (and his reflection) a comment meme hosted by i_speak_tongue and smilla02

  • Again but with Colds: A Sneezy-SPN-Boys Comment Fic Meme hosted by mad_server

  • Again But With More Colds: Another Sneezy-SPN-Boys Comment Fic Meme hosted by mad_server

  • The S7 Finale Meme of Dean H/C Goodness hosted by mad_server

  • (A mostly h/c, mostly Dean) SPN comment-fic meme hosted by roque_clasique

  • Hug Time Now! A samdean_otp comment-fic meme hosted by samdean_otp

  • A (SPN-heavy) multifandom Horror Meme hosted by sharp_teeth

  • SPN hurt/comfort comment-fic meme hosted by spngenlove

  • SPN hurt/comfort comment-fic meme hosted by spn_hurtcomfort

  • Super-sneezy Supernatural Meme hosted by tarotgal

  • I put together a compilation of all the sick!Dean fic I could find from this meme here. Just scroll down a little at the link.

  • SPN Christmas-y h/c comment-fic meme hosted by spn_hurtcomfort

  • SPN Kink Art Meme hosted by spn_kink_art

  • Check out spn_kink_art's hurt/comfort tag at delicious.

  • SPN Kink Meme hosted by spnkink_meme

  • I put together a compilation of all the sick!Dean fic I could find from round one of this meme here. Also, check out spnkink_meme's hurt/comfort tag at their delicious account. It's updated regularly.

  • Aaaand it's not off-site, but if you're looking for them, hoodie_time's own Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment memes can be found here.

  • Challenges:

  • A multi-fandom h/c fanfic challenge hosted by 10_hurt_comfort

  • Bingo challenge communities: hc_bingo, angst_bingo, schmoop_bingo, dark_bingo

  • Big Bang communities: hc_bigbang, angstbigbang, spn_hardcore_bb

  • The Draw Jensen Project, an art challenge where you can draw Jensen, Dean, Alec, Tom, Jason, any of JA’s characters.

  • A SPN schmoop-tag challenge hosted by silverbullets

  • Ramble On: Dean Winchester Love, a fanwork wish list and wish fulfillment community dedicated to the character of Dean, hosted by spn_rambleon

  • Fyi, all completed challenges at hoodie_time can be found here.

  • Rec posts:

  • Hurt!Dean recs by blackbetrayal

  • Big Damn Fav Author's List by cream_fudge

  • Hurt!Dean recs by duohatesrelena

  • H/C Meme Gems by roque_clasique @ spnroundtable

  • Roundtable Themes: Hurt/Comfort recs by various @ spnroundtable

  • Fic lists; e.g., delicious accounts/LJ memories/etc.:

  • aelijah85's delicious account

  • annefenwick's 'dean' tag at delicious

  • DWFrackles' delicious account

  • Marlowe97's delicious account

  • PhinnieLin's delicious account

  • Poppymoon3's delicious account

  • rbmi_fan's' hurt!Dean' tag at Pinboard NEW!

  • somersault_j's delicious account NEW!

    All hurt!Dean can be found under the spn tag, and there you find 99% hurt!Dean from dark to schmoop to hurt/comfort.

  • So, again, if there's anything you'd like added to this list, just let me know in the comments to this post and I'll add it for you. ;)

    Masterlist last updated: January 16th, 2013.

    This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
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