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[admin/mod post] directory of off-comm awesomeness!

I was thinking that it would be cool if we could leave links to any off-comm awesomeness in this post for other members to browse on a rainy day. This fandom is so huge, and I know I personally love going through others' rec lists, etc. and discovering new, yummy fic. So, yeah. You can leave the links to any comms/archives/sites of interest, rec posts, delicious accounts, LJ memories, comment-fic & art memes, challenges, whatever! you wish to share in this post - as long as at least a bit of Dean-focused hurt/comfort is included, please! Then, I'll add them to the masterlist.

Fyi, this post will remain open indefinitely, and the masterlist will be updated as frequently as possible.

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Directory of off-comm awesomeness!

Comms, archives, and sites of interest
Comment-fic & art memes
Rec posts
Fic lists; e.g., delicious accounts/LJ memories/etc.

...Collapse )

Masterlist last updated: January 16th, 2013.

This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
Tags: !!mod post, !recs, *fun stuff, .challenge info/rules, .challenge masterlist, .comment meme, .directory (off-comm awesomeness)

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