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like a fever that just won't break.
tie fire around my heels, send me a-runnin' through the fields.
[admin/mod post] directory of off-comm awesomeness! 
1st-Feb-2010 12:13 pm
he wuvs hugz
I was thinking that it would be cool if we could leave links to any off-comm awesomeness in this post for other members to browse on a rainy day. This fandom is so huge, and I know I personally love going through others' rec lists, etc. and discovering new, yummy fic. So, yeah. You can leave the links to any comms/archives/sites of interest, rec posts, delicious accounts, LJ memories, comment-fic & art memes, challenges, whatever! you wish to share in this post - as long as at least a bit of Dean-focused hurt/comfort is included, please! Then, I'll add them to the masterlist.

Fyi, this post will remain open indefinitely, and the masterlist will be updated as frequently as possible.

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Directory of off-comm awesomeness!

Comms, archives, and sites of interest
Comment-fic & art memes
Rec posts
Fic lists; e.g., delicious accounts/LJ memories/etc.

Comms, archives, and sites of interest:

Not finding what you're looking for? Or just looking for some other cool places to visit? Here’s a list of related communities, sites, and archives.


  • SPN Hurt/Comfort (LJ)


  • SPN/J2 Schmoop (LJ)
  • SPN Fluff Archive (LJ)


  • Dark Dean (LJ)
  • SPN Dark Vault (LJ)
  • SPN Hardcore (LJ)

    Other/related (multifandom, pairing-centric, specialty comms/archives/sites, etc.):

  • Alastair/Dean (LJ)
  • Angst Archive (LJ)
  • Bottom Dean (LJ)
  • Dean Damage (.com)
  • Hurt Dean (LJ)
  • Knives Inside Me, a comm for Dean/Jensen stomach love; h/c-heavy. (LJ)
  • Purgatory SPN (LJ)
  • Sick Dean (ff.net)
  • SPN Kink House's hurt/comfort tag (LJ)
  • Trauma Recovery Fiction (LJ)

    Comment-fic & art memes:

  • Running Hot: a multi-fandom fever fic comment meme hosted by ariadnes_string

  • Running Hot II hosted by ariadnes_string

  • hypothermia comment-fic meme hosted by afterthecold

  • The Kissing, Cuddling, Nuzzling, Wrap-You-Up in my Clothes Comment Meme: round one & round two hosted by dante_s_hell

  • The SPN Cuddle Comment Fic Meme hosted by errant_jane

  • SPN hurt/comfort comment-fic meme hosted by girlmostlikely

  • SPN schmoop comment-fic meme hosted by hils

  • Looking Glass: Dean Winchester, (and his reflection) a comment meme hosted by i_speak_tongue and smilla02

  • Again but with Colds: A Sneezy-SPN-Boys Comment Fic Meme hosted by mad_server

  • Again But With More Colds: Another Sneezy-SPN-Boys Comment Fic Meme hosted by mad_server

  • The S7 Finale Meme of Dean H/C Goodness hosted by mad_server

  • (A mostly h/c, mostly Dean) SPN comment-fic meme hosted by roque_clasique

  • Hug Time Now! A samdean_otp comment-fic meme hosted by samdean_otp

  • A (SPN-heavy) multifandom Horror Meme hosted by sharp_teeth

  • SPN hurt/comfort comment-fic meme hosted by spngenlove

  • SPN hurt/comfort comment-fic meme hosted by spn_hurtcomfort

  • Super-sneezy Supernatural Meme hosted by tarotgal

  • I put together a compilation of all the sick!Dean fic I could find from this meme here. Just scroll down a little at the link.

  • SPN Christmas-y h/c comment-fic meme hosted by spn_hurtcomfort

  • SPN Kink Art Meme hosted by spn_kink_art

  • Check out spn_kink_art's hurt/comfort tag at delicious.

  • SPN Kink Meme hosted by spnkink_meme

  • I put together a compilation of all the sick!Dean fic I could find from round one of this meme here. Also, check out spnkink_meme's hurt/comfort tag at their delicious account. It's updated regularly.

  • Aaaand it's not off-site, but if you're looking for them, hoodie_time's own Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment memes can be found here.

  • Challenges:

  • A multi-fandom h/c fanfic challenge hosted by 10_hurt_comfort

  • Bingo challenge communities: hc_bingo, angst_bingo, schmoop_bingo, dark_bingo

  • Big Bang communities: hc_bigbang, angstbigbang, spn_hardcore_bb

  • The Draw Jensen Project, an art challenge where you can draw Jensen, Dean, Alec, Tom, Jason, any of JA’s characters.

  • A SPN schmoop-tag challenge hosted by silverbullets

  • Ramble On: Dean Winchester Love, a fanwork wish list and wish fulfillment community dedicated to the character of Dean, hosted by spn_rambleon

  • Fyi, all completed challenges at hoodie_time can be found here.

  • Rec posts:

  • Hurt!Dean recs by blackbetrayal

  • Big Damn Fav Author's List by cream_fudge

  • Hurt!Dean recs by duohatesrelena

  • H/C Meme Gems by roque_clasique @ spnroundtable

  • Roundtable Themes: Hurt/Comfort recs by various @ spnroundtable

  • Fic lists; e.g., delicious accounts/LJ memories/etc.:

  • aelijah85's delicious account

  • annefenwick's 'dean' tag at delicious

  • DWFrackles' delicious account

  • Marlowe97's delicious account

  • PhinnieLin's delicious account

  • Poppymoon3's delicious account

  • rbmi_fan's' hurt!Dean' tag at Pinboard NEW!

  • somersault_j's delicious account NEW!

    All hurt!Dean can be found under the spn tag, and there you find 99% hurt!Dean from dark to schmoop to hurt/comfort.

  • So, again, if there's anything you'd like added to this list, just let me know in the comments to this post and I'll add it for you. ;)

    Masterlist last updated: January 16th, 2013.

    This post was compiled by maypoles and is posted under this account for organizational purposes.
    1st-Feb-2010 05:30 pm (UTC)
    oh, i'm so happy there are hurt!dean fans :)

    1st-Feb-2010 05:39 pm (UTC)
    ooh, and if i've saved fics to my delicious that i haven't sent love notes to the author for, i am truly very sorry. i try to be good about always leaving commentary, but at the end of the day when i'm a crabby, awful human being, i sometimes just don't feel worthy of leaving messages for all these amazing writers! i never know quite what to say to convey the awe and feelings in the right manner. which is silly, and selfish to be so self conscious about, but...i feel like i've made great strides in de-lurking, and promise to continue to do better :) it's truly incredible that so many lovely people are choosing to share their genius with us! woo spn fandom WOOO WOOO!!!
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