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like a fever that just won't break.

tie fire around my heels, send me a-runnin' through the fields.

like a fever { your source for Dean-centric h/c }
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A community for all your Dean-centric hurt/comfort needs! Featuring fanworks, recs, & more.

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Hey, hey, welcome to hoodie_time! We're a community for all your Dean-focused hurt/comfort needs.

whyhoodie_time? what'sinaname?

The name hoodie_time comes from the season one episode "Faith," which in many ways was the cornerstone for Dean-centric h/c in this fandom. The episode features sick!Dean all wobbly and freckly in what some of us like to assume is Sam's hoodie. SIGH.


A classic Dean-centric h/c fanwork would be one where a certain percentage of the fanwork is spent on sick!, hurt! or emotionally hurt! Dean, and a certain percentage is spent on Dean being comforted by another character.

But there is a whole h/c spectrum, and different people have different interpretations of h/c and what fits within that spectrum. (Here’s one definition, from Fanlore.) On that understanding, h/c is defined quite broadly here. Your fanworks can fit the dark, horror, schmoop, fluff, or comedy, etc. genres, and contain much more hurt than comfort or vice versa. There is no pre-defined amount of necessary hurt or comfort.

For further clarification, see our FAQ.


1. This is a Dean-centric hurt/comfort comm, so Dean should be the one in the hurt/comforted role. Additionally, this hurt/illness/other should play a fairly large part in any fanwork or rec posted here.

  • What types of fanworks are accepted here? All of them! We accept fics, fanart/graphics, icons, picspams, recs, (find out how our rec system works here) fanvids, meta/discussion, or anything else that features Dean-focused h/c.

  • What types of Dean-centric h/c are accepted here? All of them! Dean does not have to be physically hurt/sick. Physical or mental illnesses, injuries, emotional or psychological trauma and issues, and more would all be loved and accepted. Yes, all kinds of supernaturally-altered!Dean (such as a curse or spell resulting in de-ageification, etc.) are also game. De-aged!Dean, for example, would be the "hurt."

2. Gen, het, wincest and other slash pairings are all very welcome. No RPF, though - this comm is for Supernatural 'verse fanworks only.

3. To answer perhaps our most common question, fanworks that include h/c for characters other than Dean are accepted here, however as this is a Dean-centric h/c comm, these fanworks should include more Dean-centric h/c than they do h/c for any other character. We realize this is subjective, but please keep it in mind and use your judgment.

For further clarification/examples, see our FAQ.

And if you think your fanworks/recs are borderline on this issue, please contact a mod for a second opinion before posting.

4. Be respectful - of other characters, of ships and kinks, and of each other.

5. Lastly, please make sure to review our posting guidelines and how to tag your posts before posting.

Thanks, guys, and have fun! ♥


Posting guidelines, complete with our spoiler policy and a header form can be found here.


Find out how you can post or submit a rec here.

Aaaand please suggest and link to other fanworks that go with with theme, pairing, characters, etc. in the comments of any rec post. Share the love!


Tagging is greatly appreciated and will help people find your posts later. If you don't know how to tag or need a new tag created, please go here.


You’ll get the quickest response by contacting us at the contact-a-mod post, as we're all tracking that post.

Other good ways to contact us include PM-ing the mod account (hoodietime), or by e-mail, i.e., hoodietime [at] gmail [dot] com. All the mods have access to these things as well.

Your current mods, btw, are as follows:

[all-around mods]
kalliel, geckoholic


[tagging and vetting posts]

[& eternal thanks to our past mods]
jaimeykay, mariahlee, & maypoles, our creator


by checking out the comm’s complete tags-list


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Discover and celebrate each other! Please consider listing yourself and/or your comms, etc. in the following directories at any time.

author/artist directory
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